Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You are what you confess

Do you know that our mouth is a very impt part of our body? Yes, we use it to eat, talk, ask for things and say things we that we shouldn't. Comment, laugh. make sound to extend our presence to people. But it is also a very very dangerous tool.

Everything we say matters. Everything we say plays a part in our lives and future. When I was in the Uk, I see people always looking happy. The way they treat people and the way they uses language is different. When something goes wrong, they say.... hey, its ok. dont worry, you can do better next time. When something is done well, they are not stingy with their compliments.

When I came back here. For the first few weeks, I was not comfortable. The things people say and do is different. They tend not to tell their real feelings. If they like something really much, they say, ok lo.. If someone says nice things about them, they say, ya meh? ok lah.. So they say, its the culture? I say, it's a style, pattern that we must change.

Everything is about learning. Learning to be better. I always believe, if we don't like something, dont impose it on others. Similarly, if we dont like negative vibes. Dont say negative things. Nothing to do with being 'pandang'. Who likes to hear bad comments? Who likes to work or play with people who always tells us we r shit? Crap, worse, useless.... The difference between a constructive remark and nonsence is, you'll know when u look closely at the one saying it. If his/her life is what you would call a good one you want to be in..

The bible says, love your neighbour as like urself. It is true, we must and should always look at the good side of things n people. And we should always speak of nice, encouraging things.. Don't you want people to do that to u too?

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