Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hagen's Salon

Staying Happy-Beautiful Life

Here are some tips that may bring you a beautiful life!
Take a 10-30 minute walk everyday and while you walk, Smile.

Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, 'My purpose is to... today.'

Live with the 3 E's... Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy, and 3 F's... Faith, Family, Friends.

Spend more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6.

Dream more while you are awake.

Try to make at least three people smile each day.

Realise that life is a school and you are here to learn, pass all you tests. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

Smile and laugh more. It will keep the energy vampires away.

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

Life is too short to waste hating anyone.

Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagreements.

Make peace with ur past. so it won't mess up the present.

Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Burn the candles, use the nice sheets. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

No on is in charge of your happiness except you.

FORGIVE everyone for everything...

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Time heals almost everything. Give time, time, Time....

However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.

Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

The BEST is yet to come. BELIEVE.

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Do the right thing.

Call your family often.

Each night before you go to bed, complete the following statements:

I am thankful for.......

Today I accomplished.......

Remember that you are too blessed to e stressed.

Enjoy the ride

I dont know why

Joanne sent 9/30/2008 10:59 AM:
i don know y i hear le ur song i cry!!

Steph - Anyone going 7th Party? says:
Just a word of encouragement and its also a fact.. ur songs have been accompanying me the whole day almost everyday. When work becomes too boring and stressful, I will just listen to your CD and that just somehow makes me feel happier and work better.. :) Just thought to let u know the good work that God has work on me through you :)






有你陪我 我就足够
有你的心 你就会明白

有你陪我 我就足够
爱的理由 你在左右

yeah... oh....
有你的心 yeah...

有你陪我 我就足够
爱的理由 你在左右

oh.... no no no no no...

You Ni Pei Wo - Hagen Tan


What is Right? What is Wrong? says:
hagen, i like your MAYBE very very very much... the melody, and the lyrics... may i request for the mp3 of the song please? :)
Touched by a song..... says:
it's making me cry... this song.....


在这个世界里 有太多是非
太多分不清楚 谁是对谁是错

他让我认识你 而你告诉我
叫我分的清楚 他的路他的旨意

虽然我那么痛心 让我好想放弃

可能我不适合 留在这里
可能我不适合 让谁来珍惜
可能我不适合 你的关心
可能我不适合 我不是透明

And all I can do is Hope and Pray
Cos Heaven Knows

为什么 yeah..

Maybe - Hagen Tan

I am who I am

skyson says:
read ur blog... got some feeling
skyson says:
u gave me an impression
skyson says:
though i do noe u in real person and i never listen abt ur show at 1003
..and all I can do, is hope and pray... cos Heaven knows.. says:
skyson says:
u r a true person who express ur feeling directly
skyson says:
i like true person and u indeed have done a great job

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday.. How was your sunday?

My sunday was great thank you. We had class..

Was tired. Cos usually, I am late. And today, ALL my students were late. Anyways. It was fun.

So has anyone asked, what kinda person you are? Do we really know what kinda person we are then?

I have always known that it's either white or black in my life. Since young, I was being taught what is Good and what is Bad. It was like, I must do everything I do to the best. If not, then forget about doing it. But is life really like that? Should we be this way? Is being a high flyer a good attitude to life? Many times, my mum would say this to me, 'son, if you do not do well in your studies, no one can help you to do it.' If you had to do something not of ur choice in life next time, there is no one to be blamed but yourself. Back then, my family were not Christians. My mum only believed in Hardwork. She only believed in striving, aiming and making things happen. So is this right or wrong?

Now, we are Christians. And christians believe in Choice, and God has indeed planned for us. So, what now? Wait upon Him?

I have come to a conclusion, the thing is, some people have the talent in making things happen, some just follow, and others just watch. And it is all a link. Everyone is chained together despite u liking it or not.

One of my good friend today told me something. It was a realisation for me. Ever since I knew him, I felt that it was God who sent him into my life. And now, I felt I KNOW it is He who did it.

'Let God lead. Lets wait upon Him'
'Everything has a time to it'
'You are talented, everyone knows it but, do you know it?'

Have I been too hard on myself? I want to learn to give. And I want to learn to keep. Some people are just not worth it. I am not God. But I am learning. Let others have their chance to experience life. Cos I have mine to take care of. May You guide me. So that I know what I am doing is right. I love You.. My Lord..

Saturday, September 27, 2008


`h (:f ♪ 公主小樂 has to stay positiv sent 9/27/2008 6:22 PM:

Mr. H, I really thank you. Your phone calls always come at a time I am at a loss, and I feel so much better after speaking to you. You are always able to give me another perspective to look at bad situations.

Little Joy

Dearest all!

Happy 100 days!

It's really a great great blessing to know you guys. I am really touched by you guys' warm welcome and inclusion especially to a new member like me :D

Thank you for hearing me out and cheering me up at times when I am down, you guys are my source of encouragement.

Things changed quite a lot for me ever since I joined QYQL: Looking forward to Fridays, humming to the tunes written by talented friends I know of (haha got boost your ego or not), taking the courage to join Fightclub, etc etc etc.

If my life has been as plain as water, thank you for adding sweet flavours to it; if it has been as dull as a piece of plain paper, thank you for adding dazzling colours to it.

Cheers to our friendship!! :D

Love you all lots,
Little Joy



Verse 1:



你 陪着我

Verse 2:



你 陪着我



词:阿肯和1003听众 曲:陈孟奇和1003听众

明天阳光 你是否 不想看见
因为熟悉身影 已不再自己身边

疲惫的心 早已搁浅
承载太多 无言担心 泪眼回应苍天

无名指的血 流向终点 它也是起点
让你我楚河汉界 也有交界点
住在一个 圈 我们 都是 点
心和心之间 不是平行线

两点成一线 孤单靠一边
线和线相接 希望越过地平线 wo...
不要怕危险 有我在身边
你的一句一言 我听见

三点画个圈 心不分贵贱
圈和圈相连 闭上双眼就看得见
希望在眉间 温暖在指间 无限
让 下一个 晴天 更美

Thank you Pei Shan


Nothing but Thank youss..

Kindness begets Kindness.. :) says:
yes, love and care should be unconditional...
Kindness begets Kindness.. :) says:
and i am really grateful that you are so selfless in giving your love and care to us...

It is words like these that makes me smile. I just wonder sometimes, why I do the things I do? Oh well, I guess I am made this way for bigger things which God wants me to handle in life.

Today was special. QYQL family know each other for 100 days. And of course, our miss Avril is not back, therefore I wont put the song up until she is back. Cos I dont know how to .. Anyhow, some of us were tearing as it was really gan dong for many since pei shan thought of this idea. I was happy to help her fulfil it and there you have, the song 100Days.

I was just wondering, what does Jesus wants for me in QYQL... Is this it? Maybe this is a great programme, maybe not. Maybe it needs a break.. What do you think? To me, even if there were only 1 person listening to it, I am happy to do it. Though in practical sense, it is impossible since the radio station is not opened by me. When ever I see nice and great sms-es. I feel warmth. I feel that I have a purpose. It's like I am not just talking to myself. Thank you guys for the support.

I want to also thank the many who has given me another chance to know who I really am cos it is indeed very special for those who didnt really like me before maybe due to press but that they have heard me that they think otherwise now. Thank you...

I am also very happy that I have many loving and caring friends, you know who you are. Always there to support me and love me. I may not be the best friend you want, I will still try my best to brighten your days..

Thank you Jesus, for my family. I love my life. I love people who are sincere towards knowing who Hagen really is..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Where is AVRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avril ah! still dont come back! I dunno how to put songs up ah!!!!!!

Urban and Zao Bao Today!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank You

I seriously have very nice people around me..Today I was walking along my house downstairs and I was just thinking about things.

Then I saw these 2 indian small boys. And one of them was crying. The other said, bro, dont worry, I will always be there for you. It was really surprisingly how a small boy can say such a thing. Anyways, then I asked myself, does everyone have someone to be there for them?

I am glad, very blessed to have my friends and family, God to be there for me all the time. I have kind people like PL who will just get water for me even when I didnt tell her to. I have beautiful people who does not seek or expect things from me like my supporters and they just hope to hear good songs and melodies from me...

Thank you guys.. you are the best you know...

Star or not star?

What is a true star to you? My friend once said, anyone can be a star.. Indeed. It seem like as long as someone is interested and believes in you. You can almost do anything and everything.

I was very interested in music, performing ever since I was little. My whole 10 years, now 11, I have been very hardworking, trying my best to learn and experience many different style of music. I still remember, the very first time when Taiwan called me to congrade me for the first song I have ever sold. I was so happy.. So excited.

Now, I still do, and it is even more challenging. The thing about people knowing who u are.They now have higher expectation because they know what you can do... May the Lord help me with my writing so I will still focus on my goal...

As for singing. Performing is really something I love. My passion. I thank God that I have supporters like you all and I thank God that He is sending nice people into my life.. I Love you..

Airport.. T3

Today, I did quite alot.. First, I wrote a new song for 1003.. Then, I did gym, and I went swimming with my friend.

8pm I went to T3 to meet my friend. He is sending a friend off...

We had popoye chicken.. Ya very bad for my throat.. but its ok:) cos it was nice..

Conversation was nice. Nice people.. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Jacob's Birthday Party

It was FUN!
Yesterday, I finally managed to finish writing his 2 songs.. Indeed, the lyrics to me really meant alot cos if I was him, I would be thinking.. So what does Hagen really know about me..
Jacob is indeed a very quiet and reserved person. Then again, you can really feel that he is a very down to earth and sincere person. He needs time to warm up with someone and you kinda need to make the first move.. The good thing is, he is game for almost anything which makes him very fun to be with.. When he dont smile, he looks like he is in deep thoughts but when he smiles, he is like a cute little big boy..
Anyways, happy birthday to you my new friend:)
See the pics above?.... Kat is like ah mei high high into the sky... Mr T is happy, very very happy until no eyes le.. and Christy is still so stunning... Posing again............ (check her out in the latest magazines). Melvin, nice chap... Very gamed and funny.. cute! Huda, she is really into the girl's school look and so natural cos her bubbly personality is really lovable... Nicole gave me a very high class feeling, just like Cai Chun Jia. lol
As for me, I am just happy that I made new friends including Joyce and Kat's new date(hehe). Meeting long time friend Andy and Dom was great too:)
Happy Birthday Jacob.. PS his cake is so cute! Auuuuu Troooo Mann..... (not power ranger hor!)
and he had all the balloons on his ceiling... So nice!


Hooray... Wani is back. And she has a new hairstyle. $30 for rebonding in Indonesia and when my mum saw her. She said, wa... now is indo luggage, indo face(cos too dark) and indo Hair..

As for me, I dont mind what hairstyle man. Yeah! Wani is back..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jacob's Birthday Song

Let me know your preference.

Fast Version:

你说 我就是象一个小男孩
自己一个人 一个人就好



Jacob Jacob Baby don't be shy
你要靠过来 很多人想要给你爱
Say Jacob Jacob Baby don't be shy
你要靠过来 勇敢的接受他的爱

不应该自己一个人 你要出来

不应该自己一个人 你要出来

Jacob Jacob - Hagen Tan

Slow Version:

生日快乐 生日快乐
生日快乐 生日快乐

静静的你 喜欢独自去旅行
喜欢一个人听音乐 喜欢一个人看电影
默默的你 微笑永远在心里
你不爱说话不爱太多的人 你只爱和你自己

朋友 希望你会爱惜自己
认识你那么久 只希望你会开心
要坚强 Oh

朋友 希望你会爱惜自己

Happy Birthday, Jacob

Happy Birthday Jacob - Hagen Tan


只想听你说 you and me




Ai - Hagen Tan

Happy Birthday People

This is a special day. First I was helping my friend with a birthday gift. Then, I was writing a song for my friend's friend. I then thought to myself.. It is indeed special for them to be doing things for their friends on their birthdays...

Do we have anyone that will remember our special days?

What is life? I'd like to think that life is only a temporary place for us to get to know the many nice people and achieve things we want to make this earth a better place...

Today, HK called me and told me Taiwan is not too happy with my recent fast songs. It seemed like they are not full. It felt like a wake up call. That I have not been putting as much effort as I did before. Lord help me.. It seems like when I am doing songs for You.. I dont really seem to have great feelings to write for others. Actually, even before that, I felt that my life is coming to a turning point. That God is changing some habits and routines I thought I cannot change.

Music is like an emotion. It has its ups and down in different parts of the song. Who dictates them though? You? Me? I guess it is very subjective... Isnt that the best way to explain it? Indeed. Then again. Is it a style we should change to fit into the liking of the companies or is it just something we should take it as a pinch of salt?

I want to do it because I know I need to. Not because of someone else.. Yes.. Thats correct..

Let me do nicer songs. That will touch and not just a tune that is impressive...

I love you Jesus

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yat Kun Toast

I live so near the airport that it has become my coffee house.. It's like the nearest place... I wish that I am living in town. Then again, it would be bad cos I will be bankrupt in no time.

Anyways, It was great to have met up a friend for dinner. We had dinner at paragon. The Jap rest at the basement. Our conversation made me think alot. I felt really like i was having an interview with him cos his questions were 1 after another.. wow!

Then, I took the 20% voucher from R to buy the blue top I liked but didn't get yesterday at Ben Sherman.

At Tampines, I met TS and PS up. I went to get some Berms from Fresh BOX and then, we went to get some bookmarks. They chose the ones which were so pink I felt like I was out with hello kitty... Nice..

Then we went to Shop & Save and TS said.. 'looks like he is shopping himself'.... indeed, it felt like it cos I was buying and they were walking behind. lol. They were so surprised that I walked into Shop & Save. The thing is, everyone is human. So nothing to be too surprised ya. Maybe one day you might even see me in a wet market.. Selling yong tau hu.

We wanted to take a cab home and the queue was ever soooooooooooooo long. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking.. nvm la.. wait lor, no choice. Then the Taxi driver was shouting.. Pasir Ris anyone......... I went up and another lady did too. So I obviously gave the cab to her. BUT, the best part was, the taxi driver said wait, then he asked me: "where u going?" I said, "Pasir Ris.. " (Shits, now you all know where I stay) Nvm lah, anyways... we board the cab..

The first thing I said was, Praise The Lord. and the cab driver laughed and said praise the Lord too. It was obviously a God sent Cab!

I went home and Mr Yuan Yi called. Asked me to go Airport. So we went.. He was sharing with me his heart and his plans.. All good..

May the Lord bless us all so that we may be able to do even bigger things...

Question: Have you ever wondered? If you have been blessed, did you bless others too? Because taking is obviously easier than giving.. If so, are you giving enough?

Say or Dont say

If a person is not being efficient, do you tell them or u keep quiet? What does it mean by doing willingly and will you ever do something willingly even? Sometimes, I seriously don't get it. Why are people so insensitive. So blur? Or just purely lazy. It is like as if we are just waiting for something to happen.

To put it across nicely, I just really hope to see improvements in the people I know. The growth. There is great difference between not knowing, blur, silly, stupid, lazy, heck care and unwillingness. Which one are you?

People don't want to be the bad guy to tell people these things. Well, for me, I rather be the one telling as it is a form of encouragment and realisation for the one who is falling than to sit there and clap hands when bad things happen.

But how many will truly appreciate? Cry? Regret? Hate yourself? Or think that it is nothing. I don't give a damm?

Well, one should know that it is ur own life. You need to be accounted for and no one is going to help you. I pray that when I don't need to be the one saying to you again because you think it is bad at your side when it is worser on side. Why should I and who am I to do it? You should know better... Learn to be more alert. Who told you that life is just waiting for something to happen? Is wasting time your hobby?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crocodile Presents see more this week, 8 days, I weekly, U mag

Happy Birthday 1003!

1003 七岁了!

牵你的手 握紧我的手永不回头
牵你的手 握紧我的手永不回头
1003 在我们的左右

牵你的手 握紧我的手永不回头
牵你的手 握紧我的手永不回头
1003 在我们的左右


当我们同在一起 在一起 在一起
在一起 在一起

Hand In Hand Birthday - Hagen Tan

Angeline's Back from Germany!

And you see what we have missed! So nice... I love the look of it.. It's like.. Carefree... U know, I was only recently looking through a friend's FB and saw some modeling pics of a female model.. I was wishing I had pics like that.. And when my sister showed me hers, It was like.. wow... Isn't it what I meant... Oh well... I guess I have to wait for miracles to happen...
You will, when u ...? Believe...

Thank you Lord

Today is probably one of my happiest day.. Ever since I know my wonderful 7 guys, they have been taking up alot of my time .. It's like, most of my days I will be either thinking of what we can do for Qu You Qi Li, if not, its bowling with them.. or... movie or.. learning music with them........ etc etc..

2 mini concerts we did. Both at different churches. I told God, how nice it would be if they knew how much You loved me and that You will love them very very much too. They are just like my brothers and sisters.

Today, A, PL, PS, TS, D, C, D and R came to study music.. It was very interesting to hear what they were sharing about. The passion for music in their own ways. And that who is really into it and who's not. Who really took it seriously and who not. Who was the one who thought hard before they came out with their homework. I must say, they all had talent. And if it was a talent that was taught in the right way, I am very sure something great will happen.

After which, we went to WOODLANDS! Lighthouse. My church.
Pastor Rony, was sharing about the financial flaws and the meaning of life. The first thing that came into my head was, wow, didn't I just wrote that on my blog recently? Indeed. the purpose of life is so impt.

My happiest moment was not about what we have learnt. It is that many are saved. Thank you LORD. Because You are the Truth, the Way and the Life.. The light of my life, that You have given me so that they may have this light too.

Lord my God. You are so wonderful. I pray that they will be the light of their family as they will be going to Heaven and not Hell below.

I Love You. I do....

PS, I can teach you everything I know, you may be grateful, you may not, but there is only one who can bring everything up and that is my Lord Jesus. Nothing can beat that.......

Friday, September 19, 2008


有谁能够了解 有谁能够体会
我的心里面 有一种埋怨

我要放下一切 也要看到终点
我要我的明天 更加的美

奉献中的平安 你给
因为你给我的 最美

奉献中的平安 你给




Feng Xian Zhong De Ping An - Hagen Tan

Support Charity

Hello friends,

A friend of mine organized a concert - Music of the Spheres.
It will be performed by an award winning choir. They will be singing God’s praises.
All proceeds of this concert will go to Jesuits Refugees Services (JCR), Singapore.

Details of concert can be seen from attachment.

If you are keen to get the tickets, can contact me. Looking forward to your support!

Thanks J

Katherine Tan
Hagen's Words... Hey guys, I hope you guys will support this concert k.. I will be away 10th-17th in Taiwan so I wont be able to go. But I would love to hear all about it when I am back.. Let me know how it went after you watched it ok.. Hugs..


Today is a Sunny Day..
Today is a Great Day...
Today is a Happy Day..
Today is a Lovely Day..
Today I want to make something happen..
Today I want to let good things happen..
Today I want it to be a meaningful day..
Today Today Today...

Today, I woke up and thought... It must be a great day. I had 35 sms-es... of which 5 were impt, 26 were good morning sms-es and 4 were just.... Um...... bo liao?

Anyway, I thank God, He has given me people who remembers me everyday they wake up.. I love you guys..

I looked out my window and everything looked the same as yesterday. What was different was myself. I am different from yesterday.. I am different from the day before. Everyday.. when you wake up, do u just drag urself out of bed, or tell yourself. Shit I m Late... BUT give me 5 more minutes... 5 will do.. okok 4.... okok... 2! Aiya. MC lah.

You know, The thing about life is this. We choose how we want to look at it. It is a choice. Always a choice. And how can the stress be lifted? Don't even think that the surroundings can do that. It's only temporary. Try from within.. Learn to accept and COPE. Dont run away from the matter. Have u realised why men likes to do the disappearing act? To run somewhere and hide? Or do something U dont know? Now too late after, its a divorce, its a hurt.. someone gets into trouble..
Face it.. dont run..

My friend told me... he wanted to die.. He has been crying for 2 weeks since.. and he is not getting better.. Loneliness is embracing him and he is feeling depressed.

Do we have to be like that? There is nothing wrong to feel that! If not, you are not human. And it is how and when u should snap out of it that is impt.... U know, I am soooooooooooo busy at all times and when I slow down.. I want to pace myself to look at the things around me and the people who needs more care than I do. Yes, I know, you might say, I am so tired of helping people and not having enough time for myself.. What so ever for? He also don't appreciate what! Does he? Do you realise, as we have this mentality, it shows that we are expecting.. We expect better in return. If not, at least say something nice...

Is expectation bad? No it isn't. If you don't expect, you don't get.. But is it something you can take it? If not, protect yourself. My father always says. 病从口入. Same things. Do things with a loving heart, a giving one, and dont expect something like, THE WORLD.

Then, another of my close friend said very nice things to me yesterday just before I went to bed. I felt like she has changed. To be a more positive person. Her exact words were.. I have learnt to be nicer to my family, and sister.. I want to be different and because something has happened in my life. I want to do things and not having to worry about what others would say.

Now, this is good attitude.. Just remember to smile in good and bad times..

Today is a great day... we must tell ourselves that..

Love is the key.. because when u give, even though u may think the others don't appreciate or saw it. You are right only by half.. He/she will know it because I know....


Today was a busy day. I did a new song, an arrangement for my friend Yuan Yi. The thing is.. his verse and chorus sounded too alike. So, what I did was to make the arrangement for the verse more minor and the chorus the other way.
Feedback was that he liked it but, he wanted to make the song less 'young'! anyways... Like I said, in anything and everything, there bound to have people who likes it and dislike.. (our dear Avril particularly like the part where it sounded cool and young) haha
Then after, I went out with A to have food. Then I saw niceeeeeeeeeeee clothings at Ben Sherman. (forgot how to spell) Was thinking, should I get them or not, haha.. finding a reason.. Guilty from Fashion.
Then it was something relating to this pic above. We were suppose to watch a movie but I have decided to go for a massage. We had foot massage..... soooooo nice. But this Miss A is like feeling pain more than anything else. As for me, I was just too tired to bother so I slept and I was caught on camera by Miss HL.
After that, I had to leave for meeting and now.. Home sweet home.. haha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raincoat In Singapore

Can you believe it~! I had to wake up so early today! 10.45am! I woke up at 5 plus.. and then 6plus, then 8 plus.. terrible! My dear friend was doing some work for me, and I woke up to check on her. haha... 

Then I had to wake up at 10.45am... Why? Cause the aircon man came to do the weak aircon in my room. Do u know that the aircon needs to be maintained and washed? Well, it was making me feeling hotter than cold and then, I had no choice but to wake up to let the 2 not smelling that nice men to do my room. 

Good thing is, it is all good now! YEAH!!!! And I am in a raincoat... A big jacket now.. Cos, it is suppose to be running at the lowest temp for a while... Gosh... what is my life turning into... Snore!


Today I had a photo shoot with my photographer.. He was nice. Love the way he did my pics.. But till nearly the end, I was really sweating like nobody's business. well, hopefully the pics will be of some good use soon :)

After, I went to a dinner which I was 2 hours late because the pics had tobe edited and I need to finish a song for Yuan Yi Bro..

It was always nice to have friends around you dont you think? To be there for you and help you. Sometimes disturb you.. In my case, I have 7 of them...

Play hard.. study hard...work hard..Love hard...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


飞飞飞 飞起来
飞飞飞 飞起来
飞飞飞 飞起来
飞飞飞 飞起来

主啊你真好 因为你给我爱
这一种爱 没有人能够取代

主啊你真好 因为你给我爱
这一种爱 没有人能够取代

飞起来 你让我 飞起来
因为你我 什么都能 什么都可以
飞起来 你让我 飞起来
因为你我 什么都能 什么都可以
哈利路亚 哈利路亚

Fei Qi Lai - Hagen Tan

You are what you confess

Do you know that our mouth is a very impt part of our body? Yes, we use it to eat, talk, ask for things and say things we that we shouldn't. Comment, laugh. make sound to extend our presence to people. But it is also a very very dangerous tool.

Everything we say matters. Everything we say plays a part in our lives and future. When I was in the Uk, I see people always looking happy. The way they treat people and the way they uses language is different. When something goes wrong, they say.... hey, its ok. dont worry, you can do better next time. When something is done well, they are not stingy with their compliments.

When I came back here. For the first few weeks, I was not comfortable. The things people say and do is different. They tend not to tell their real feelings. If they like something really much, they say, ok lo.. If someone says nice things about them, they say, ya meh? ok lah.. So they say, its the culture? I say, it's a style, pattern that we must change.

Everything is about learning. Learning to be better. I always believe, if we don't like something, dont impose it on others. Similarly, if we dont like negative vibes. Dont say negative things. Nothing to do with being 'pandang'. Who likes to hear bad comments? Who likes to work or play with people who always tells us we r shit? Crap, worse, useless.... The difference between a constructive remark and nonsence is, you'll know when u look closely at the one saying it. If his/her life is what you would call a good one you want to be in..

The bible says, love your neighbour as like urself. It is true, we must and should always look at the good side of things n people. And we should always speak of nice, encouraging things.. Don't you want people to do that to u too?


I just killed a cockroach! It came in from the open window.. into MY ROOM! then it fell onto my big bible. Then I took the tissue box and hit it. I ran. didn't die! behind the books. I took the books out and there it was. Running around. Then I hit again. It didnt die. And ran up the wall. Agrh. I took the tissue box and hit it hard. Now, in the tissue I 'bao-ed' and in the toilet bowl. Flushed

What is the meaning of Bowling?

Study Hard

When I was little, my mum always told me. If u do not study hard. you will never find a decent job. And now, after I have gotton a 1st class .. she said, many who studied hard too did not find a good job.

The thing is. So what is good and what is bad. What is real and what's not? I have thought of this before. Why can't we just do what we want and my parents stop saying what they say. But I realised that if we did, then we will never be where we are today. When we were younger, we need guidence. When we grow older, we still do need it. It is not about how old we are, but the amount of experiences which will make us grow wiser. To know what our priorities are. Indeed, study hard and play hard. I never disagree with it. Ever. Cos that was what I did when I was younger. But what is even more impt is to know when to have a limit. If we have decided to play hard..it is very impt to know that we have already done all that we can to make our studies a 'worry-less' subject. At times, people fail to deliver because we tend to do things at the instance. We want things now! Right away.. Everything is about being quick. Just like fun.. Anything not fun we dont do. Just like work, or study. But U know what? It takes time for a seed to grow into a big tree. It takes effort for it to bear fruits. It takes care and love for it to blossom and have fresh beautiful fruits and all. So what u suggest we do to our lives? To live like everybody else? If they say go this way we go? If they say sleep we sleep? Play we play? Work we work? Or its all a pretence?

If you ask me, I'd say, life is full of choices, we need to choose wisely and know what our priorities are. If it is love, friends, whatever it is.. life still goes on right? Then we need to strike a balance. To do well in everything we do before we start playing. If it was a time of friendship we wanted to be in it... do what we had to do before we go into it..

I love my life now because I thank God I had my mummy to tell me what I had to do. I hope lesser people will experience the feeling of regret ... it is the worst thing cos TIME never fails to move...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I know you want it....

put this as ur wall paper and you will smile all the time


Has anyone ever wondered why we smile so little nowadays? I rememebred when I was little, I could laugh at almost anything and everything. It seemed like the world was bigger and larger then, and it was simpler..

Last sat, I was sharing in Church about love, and the purpose of life. That we are all instruments of God. To be shining for Him. Then, I said, we are being given 1 mouth because, it is more than enough to be saying praise and good to many. Positivity brings good to our lives. Wouldn't it be great to be seeing everyone smile? Have we ever thought why can't we smile, or even if we did, we would be doing it but not wholeheartedly? Stress? Ur life? Tired?

Today, I woke up and I looked into the mirror. I tried smiling.. It was weird. cos it seem like the smile was not real. Then I asked Lord. Why? And He said, praise Me. I did.

Learn to think of the happy things, think of the Lord. Everything will be beautiful...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Blues

Today is like so .......... dunno how to say. I woke up, did gym, then went to church . Then had dinner with my friends, then come home and do this pic.. Yup! nice?. NICE. Good!

0913 Pictures

Playground at Church of Spore... Bored mah! Wait so long

0913 Concert

Today's concert was not just great! It was awesome! I had to do everything within 30 mins. Well, I guess I made the best out of it.. And the best part was.. My babies were so happy performing too.. Many people came up to be saved and I could see alot of appreciation in the whole place.

I was very touched when I saw so many people be it young or old coming to tell me how much they felt for the songs they've heard. U know. I wished I could have told them more, but I believe my Lord has already did.. :) Lord. I love You, love You, love You!!!!!

Then after, I had to meet my friend for dinner. Was really nice of him to treat me to Pizza. Very nice haha.. As for after, my baby brother TS wanted to play bowling and so did everyone... We tried the 2nd time in this week! and guess what.!!! silly bowling alley has sooooooooooooo many people.. Agrh.. In the end. we went for ice-cream at the airport and then home..

I'm Loving it..

secret... after Hagen goes to Taiwan in oct. 24th may have 1 small concert thingy ... Lets see..

Night night

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Police Came!!!

Yesterday was fun.. We had mooncakes and lanterns all around the block in Toa Payoh and in the end.. the police came.. The fire set off too mu

ch flames.. opps. lol.. But it was all good..

Pam ...... Thank you

Hey......... this pig is so.... cute. Thank you pam.. for the moon cake.. I haven eat the moon cake so dont worry.. haha.. but the note is sweet. Thank you for bring it to the Station so late yesterday..

Thanks Daddy

Hi Guys again.. this moring I woke up...ok no....... this afternoon i woke up and I felt so alone cos my mum and sister is not in town... But then.. the door knock knock and guess who... its my dad... He said.. hey, i got you food. And then, i realised ............. my dad is so nice.. I live in a condo and it is so out of the way. Knowing me. My dad came back, giving me an excuse saying he forgot his bible and he bought food for me..

Thank you for you Daddy.. Hugs..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bye bye

Today, my mama and sister is going to Germany. I was upset with my sister yesterday. I learnt that to forgive and let go is the best way to both. Sometimes, quarreling will never sort things out. At times, when my friends tell me how unforgiving they are to their family... I ask myself. am i too like that? I realise that, we all are. We are afraid of giving. When we give, it means we feel for someone. But who doesnt? If like is just about receiving. who is going to be the giver....And yes, we might not be wrong. But shouldnt someone start first? It needs 2 hands to clap? But for now. I just want to reflect and realise my needs and purpose in life..

Enjoy ur holiday mummy and sis..




但是也没关系 我在这里


但是也没关系 我在这里

无所谓没什么 当作我不明白
这一切算什么 只要自己明白

Dou Mei Quan Xi - Hagen Tan


今天,我醒来的时候,我的心是开的。。。。 我告诉耶稣。。。 只有你对我最好。。 有的时候。我们人都以为自己很厉害。什么都可以。。 可是那不是真的。。 神啊,请给我力量有更大的心来爱更多的人。有时候。不是那些可爱的人需要爱。。 而是那些我们看都不想看的。。

I love you Lord, because You first loved me. May the world be a better place so that we may know that You are the true and living God. I love you ..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Talking or meaning?

Do we mean what we say? Sometimes, we say things faster than we think. And i can understand that. But is it something that we should try to understand or change? The things we do may seem like it is ok... so and so will understand, or worse, nvm lah, heck care.. is life just like that? Do we not take things seriously so that we may be less stressed and let others stress for us? Has anyone ever thought, so if we r like that, for those who really put in their efforts and heart, how would they feel? Are they going to stop or move on? Is life just full with all the temp stuff? Things that are never going to last? Oh well, I shan't say more, cos if it speaks to u , u will know what i mean. No matter how affected, its ok, cos its not about us, its about you. Don't wait till it's too late. Cos by then,ur life would suck big time and no one will be by ur side to tell u this.

So sweet

Thank you for making this for me...

Moon Cake!!! Yum Yum

This is a nice song for the moon cake festival.. First time Ken has written a happy nice love song.. I thought it was great... Applause!!!!!!
Anyways, my dear derrick is too busy, instead, I have helped him sing it... so anyways guys,if anyone of u wannaplay lantern with us this friday.. come on over...

PS so sad, no one buy me moon cake.. I wanna try the many many egg yokes and ice cream de.. sound taste real good ..

Chang Er Shuo - Hagen Tan and Avril Sim


Today was really fun..... we went bowling at Chinese swimming club. TS, PS, PL, A, Reg, Craven and sis went. We had 2 teams and each has our own scores and at the same time, see which team wins. Obviously it was more than that.. we had Mdm Soh something, shakraka, you ni, mei ni.. and dunno what as our names.. We even had 'warmmm'.

Sometimes, having a big laugh is really fun.. Hey guys, really love u all ....

And then, Avril sent us home, it was really nice of her.. (even though her bowling really needed improvement) Just like my english.

Today, I realise something, I am really indeed a very soft hearted person. I wan to see people grow and I wan to be a better person. I wish that we as humans can help each other grow and not put down..

Let there be more love..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind The Scene

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you Terence

Btw, this concert has made me realised, i really have many many good friends. Friends who has supported me ever since Superstar, who loves music... QYQL, my family, and even terence... Some of the clothings are from Crocodile... Thank you

Some more Pics

0906 My Babies