Thursday, September 25, 2008

Star or not star?

What is a true star to you? My friend once said, anyone can be a star.. Indeed. It seem like as long as someone is interested and believes in you. You can almost do anything and everything.

I was very interested in music, performing ever since I was little. My whole 10 years, now 11, I have been very hardworking, trying my best to learn and experience many different style of music. I still remember, the very first time when Taiwan called me to congrade me for the first song I have ever sold. I was so happy.. So excited.

Now, I still do, and it is even more challenging. The thing about people knowing who u are.They now have higher expectation because they know what you can do... May the Lord help me with my writing so I will still focus on my goal...

As for singing. Performing is really something I love. My passion. I thank God that I have supporters like you all and I thank God that He is sending nice people into my life.. I Love you..

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