Monday, September 15, 2008


Has anyone ever wondered why we smile so little nowadays? I rememebred when I was little, I could laugh at almost anything and everything. It seemed like the world was bigger and larger then, and it was simpler..

Last sat, I was sharing in Church about love, and the purpose of life. That we are all instruments of God. To be shining for Him. Then, I said, we are being given 1 mouth because, it is more than enough to be saying praise and good to many. Positivity brings good to our lives. Wouldn't it be great to be seeing everyone smile? Have we ever thought why can't we smile, or even if we did, we would be doing it but not wholeheartedly? Stress? Ur life? Tired?

Today, I woke up and I looked into the mirror. I tried smiling.. It was weird. cos it seem like the smile was not real. Then I asked Lord. Why? And He said, praise Me. I did.

Learn to think of the happy things, think of the Lord. Everything will be beautiful...

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