Monday, September 22, 2008

Yat Kun Toast

I live so near the airport that it has become my coffee house.. It's like the nearest place... I wish that I am living in town. Then again, it would be bad cos I will be bankrupt in no time.

Anyways, It was great to have met up a friend for dinner. We had dinner at paragon. The Jap rest at the basement. Our conversation made me think alot. I felt really like i was having an interview with him cos his questions were 1 after another.. wow!

Then, I took the 20% voucher from R to buy the blue top I liked but didn't get yesterday at Ben Sherman.

At Tampines, I met TS and PS up. I went to get some Berms from Fresh BOX and then, we went to get some bookmarks. They chose the ones which were so pink I felt like I was out with hello kitty... Nice..

Then we went to Shop & Save and TS said.. 'looks like he is shopping himself'.... indeed, it felt like it cos I was buying and they were walking behind. lol. They were so surprised that I walked into Shop & Save. The thing is, everyone is human. So nothing to be too surprised ya. Maybe one day you might even see me in a wet market.. Selling yong tau hu.

We wanted to take a cab home and the queue was ever soooooooooooooo long. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking.. nvm la.. wait lor, no choice. Then the Taxi driver was shouting.. Pasir Ris anyone......... I went up and another lady did too. So I obviously gave the cab to her. BUT, the best part was, the taxi driver said wait, then he asked me: "where u going?" I said, "Pasir Ris.. " (Shits, now you all know where I stay) Nvm lah, anyways... we board the cab..

The first thing I said was, Praise The Lord. and the cab driver laughed and said praise the Lord too. It was obviously a God sent Cab!

I went home and Mr Yuan Yi called. Asked me to go Airport. So we went.. He was sharing with me his heart and his plans.. All good..

May the Lord bless us all so that we may be able to do even bigger things...

Question: Have you ever wondered? If you have been blessed, did you bless others too? Because taking is obviously easier than giving.. If so, are you giving enough?

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