Monday, April 26, 2010

Gek Hue's Bday

OMG, I have pimples.. Many late nights, and I had steamboat with my sister, XL and A.. This was fun.. I just realised its not easy to cool a crab..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jamie Cullum

Such a great musician, great voice, great entertainer.. He looked really high though.. Thanks to my great friend Dex. Last minute, he was kind. Brought me to watch his concert.

Funny people!!!

This is a really funny poster.. and my sister, XL and I were trying to act silly..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thai Express.

Eating is luxery... Dont u think so? I was having dinner at Thai Express with a friend. It was really fun.. We had alot of stuff.. Of course, knowing me, I ordered alot cos I was really hungry. By the time I was full up, there were still a bit more to finish and I had to force myself. Even though, still, it was really nice.

Ha.. here r some pics.. I believe I took 4-6.. dont really know where have they gone to ..

I took them....

isnt life beautiful

I went jogging yesterday with a friend.. This pic was taken as I saw the sky turned really peaceful

Praising Him

Once, someone asked me. Why do you pray before you eat? If you dont pray, would u be punished? If you pray, would God drop money from heaven...
Once, someone asked me. Can God hear us even from so far away.. Where is He...

To me, God has been really true and real. His presence has made my life a different one. Some say thats probably because you believe. Indeed, Believeing in something or someone truely mean alot and would show what outcome you will have. Afterall, if ur confidence came from God, what can go wrong. As the bible says, REST IN ME...

Anyways, I pray before I eat, simply because it is a coverage for devine health. For the protection from food poisoning..
When it's time of troubles, God hears us. And even before we say much, He knows. He already knew. All we needed to do is to 'ask and it shall be given to us..'

3 days in JB, many were saved, impressed by the works of God. As for me, of course, it's all glory to Him, but I guess, I see things differently. I saw the grace of God. That He wanted more n more people be in unity. Even so, many churches have different cultures, different ways of expressing God's love, the focus and purpose is still, Jesus... If only all men knew that what ever we possess, its not eternally kept, we might just be happier. To understand that we are all instruments put together to play a beautiful piece of art, master piece. That we must learn to let go and do the right things. To PRAISE HIM. In life, I believe, we only live once. Therefore, there is no 2nd chance. Learn to stand up even if we fell. To do better, but to do the right things and also doing things right. Make sure, our purpose is right.

Question.. do we all know what RIGHT is?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Pics

Wednesday, April 7, 2010