Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you Lord

Today is probably one of my happiest day.. Ever since I know my wonderful 7 guys, they have been taking up alot of my time .. It's like, most of my days I will be either thinking of what we can do for Qu You Qi Li, if not, its bowling with them.. or... movie or.. learning music with them........ etc etc..

2 mini concerts we did. Both at different churches. I told God, how nice it would be if they knew how much You loved me and that You will love them very very much too. They are just like my brothers and sisters.

Today, A, PL, PS, TS, D, C, D and R came to study music.. It was very interesting to hear what they were sharing about. The passion for music in their own ways. And that who is really into it and who's not. Who really took it seriously and who not. Who was the one who thought hard before they came out with their homework. I must say, they all had talent. And if it was a talent that was taught in the right way, I am very sure something great will happen.

After which, we went to WOODLANDS! Lighthouse. My church.
Pastor Rony, was sharing about the financial flaws and the meaning of life. The first thing that came into my head was, wow, didn't I just wrote that on my blog recently? Indeed. the purpose of life is so impt.

My happiest moment was not about what we have learnt. It is that many are saved. Thank you LORD. Because You are the Truth, the Way and the Life.. The light of my life, that You have given me so that they may have this light too.

Lord my God. You are so wonderful. I pray that they will be the light of their family as they will be going to Heaven and not Hell below.

I Love You. I do....

PS, I can teach you everything I know, you may be grateful, you may not, but there is only one who can bring everything up and that is my Lord Jesus. Nothing can beat that.......

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“达人” said...

Eh Handsome...Ur Spelling sure get 10/100 marks one in the past one arh...Movies,not Moive!