Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am who I am

skyson says:
read ur blog... got some feeling
skyson says:
u gave me an impression
skyson says:
though i do noe u in real person and i never listen abt ur show at 1003
..and all I can do, is hope and pray... cos Heaven knows.. says:
skyson says:
u r a true person who express ur feeling directly
skyson says:
i like true person and u indeed have done a great job


Anonymous said...

Not easy to be an artiste in Singapore. Never hear a song from u before but well, keep up the good work. But seriously, your marketing really quite heavy, from bus ads, to MRT ads. Hopefully it sell well. Good luck. Keep it up.

Skyson - CK said...

Hi Hagen,

Glad to see my words on ur blog. 加油 and all the best!

From Skyson - CK