Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday.. How was your sunday?

My sunday was great thank you. We had class..

Was tired. Cos usually, I am late. And today, ALL my students were late. Anyways. It was fun.

So has anyone asked, what kinda person you are? Do we really know what kinda person we are then?

I have always known that it's either white or black in my life. Since young, I was being taught what is Good and what is Bad. It was like, I must do everything I do to the best. If not, then forget about doing it. But is life really like that? Should we be this way? Is being a high flyer a good attitude to life? Many times, my mum would say this to me, 'son, if you do not do well in your studies, no one can help you to do it.' If you had to do something not of ur choice in life next time, there is no one to be blamed but yourself. Back then, my family were not Christians. My mum only believed in Hardwork. She only believed in striving, aiming and making things happen. So is this right or wrong?

Now, we are Christians. And christians believe in Choice, and God has indeed planned for us. So, what now? Wait upon Him?

I have come to a conclusion, the thing is, some people have the talent in making things happen, some just follow, and others just watch. And it is all a link. Everyone is chained together despite u liking it or not.

One of my good friend today told me something. It was a realisation for me. Ever since I knew him, I felt that it was God who sent him into my life. And now, I felt I KNOW it is He who did it.

'Let God lead. Lets wait upon Him'
'Everything has a time to it'
'You are talented, everyone knows it but, do you know it?'

Have I been too hard on myself? I want to learn to give. And I want to learn to keep. Some people are just not worth it. I am not God. But I am learning. Let others have their chance to experience life. Cos I have mine to take care of. May You guide me. So that I know what I am doing is right. I love You.. My Lord..

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