Friday, January 30, 2009

Absolutely Nobody

He wanted to be a nobody. In 1992, a Settle man running for the office of Washington State's lieutenant governor legally changed his name to 'Absolutely Nobody.' As he entered the race, he said he wanted to greet the voters, saying, "Hi, I'm Absolutely Nobody. Vote for me." He later admited that the purpose of his campaign was to abolish the office of lieutenant governor.
This man used a name as a gimmick, but the Bible has alot to say to those of us who present ourselves to others as nobody. The right kind of humility is healthy. The songwriters of Israel knew how impt it is to see our foolishness apart from God. Jesus Himself showed us that without God we wont accomplish anything of lasting value.
But we read a warning inthe story of Moses. There's a downside to insisting that we are 'nobody' if it is to avoid doing what God commands. Our motives make us into somebody who resists the loving purpose of God.
We may treat ourselves or others as having no worth. But remember, God doesnt make nobodies. Like Moses, if we surrender to God, we can do anything God wants us to do. In His strength.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Reunion dinner


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My friend, weak ankle, fell while walking along loyang.. on the road she was, with Kevin (her Son) and then she took a long time to get up . And she was sitting along the road side... Be more careful ya ! hugs

Never Disappointed

As an avid baseball fan, mu favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. The interesting thing about being a Cuds fan is that the team has a way of letting us down. They have not won a World Series since 1908. And while they often have great promise at the beginning of the season, they usually disappoint their loyal fans in the end. One die-hard fan had it right when he said, "if they didn't disappoint us, they wouldn't be our Cubs".

Thankfully, God is not like the Cubs! You can count on Him. He will not disappoint you in the end. He always keeps His promises, and His Word provides comfort, hope and wise advice that never fails.

When King Solomon dedicated the temple, he attested to the fact that God had not let His people down. "Blessed be the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all the He promised. There has not failed one word of all His good promise"

Thousands of years later, those words are still ring true. And better yet, we are heirs of the greatest fulfilled promise of all time-Jesus! The longer you know Him, the more compelling He becomes.

So if you are looking for someone who won't disappoint you, look no further. Jesus never Fails.


Every morning, when I wake up, at the dining table will always be food covered with the 'chinese net' so that it is clean and ready. Angeline will have some and then me.

This morning, I woke up and it was the same. Difference is, there was my favorite fish. Wani was just chatting, making a conversation saying, 'mum said, the fish so cute... also dunno where was cute'. Then it made me think.

As I was eating, I thought, how many people in this world would think that for their mum to be cooking fr them is a Must and how many really appreciates. When we are so busy, so caught up in our own stuff to do. So stressed over work or school.. Have we ever thought that a simplest thank you would be so sufficient from a child to his/her mother.

Do you realise that a human nature is always putting ourselves first then others? Are we still doing that even though we know deep inside that it is wrong.
And what right do we have to be taking when we don't give. Or even when we give, we expect.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks Vicki!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I weekly


主耶稣爱我 - Hagen Tan (陈孟奇)

從前走過的大街小巷 突然間什麼都不一樣
太多的失去心慌意亂 讓我們的愛點燃

昨天發生的別回頭望 今天要從新的向前看
讓我們一起勇敢地走 讓我們的愛點燃

耶蘇愛我舍身命 將我罪惡洗干凈
天堂榮門替我開 讓那小羊好進來

他說不要害怕不要慌張 我是你依靠
你是我的小孩可愛小孩 不要再哭了

主耶蘇愛我 主耶蘇愛我 主耶蘇愛我

我们的爱 MTV


Fake -

Sunday, January 18, 2009

U're too Hot for ur own good...

My friend said this to me today. It was so funny. Should I be happy or upset? Oh well, it's not. We need to learn how to protect ourselves. To know who is for and against us. For when they missed the chance, there is no turning back.

Who can be real true friends and who just come and go? What will you do one day when money is left out there but nothing was being built? What will you do when time is running out and only wrinkles are left for u to botox? What are you left with when Truth has never been what you give? So, you can deceive the world but you cannot clear your conscience. Is it a good testimony? Can we learn to be better? Or the comfort zone is what we want to dwell in. Let not us be of the world. Not the pest but the fertilizer. Well, my mum always say, indeed, money is impt, but talent is something no one can steal from u. Let me be ur laughing stock. I am ok. Mock me if you like, I am only here for awhile as Jesus knows what I am going through.


A movie I felt so much for.. A mother to a child. For she has lost her child. And then, 'they' found him. But it was not him. Whoever so evil to be putting another different boy into her home. Making her look like she was crazy. Ill-treated her and make her sign a contract to say she was wrong. Thank God, the people from church came to her rescue.

So what is real and who is telling a lie? When u are clear, does it mean others cannot hurt you? And they make u look like u are a fool.

I must say, only my Lord can be the greatest strength. Let God be God. I love you Jesus.. U can set many free and you are the Truth. Whoever who hurt others will be hurt. They will soon realise that doing what they do will not get them anywhere. Dont play with fire unless you know what death really is.