Monday, September 22, 2008

Say or Dont say

If a person is not being efficient, do you tell them or u keep quiet? What does it mean by doing willingly and will you ever do something willingly even? Sometimes, I seriously don't get it. Why are people so insensitive. So blur? Or just purely lazy. It is like as if we are just waiting for something to happen.

To put it across nicely, I just really hope to see improvements in the people I know. The growth. There is great difference between not knowing, blur, silly, stupid, lazy, heck care and unwillingness. Which one are you?

People don't want to be the bad guy to tell people these things. Well, for me, I rather be the one telling as it is a form of encouragment and realisation for the one who is falling than to sit there and clap hands when bad things happen.

But how many will truly appreciate? Cry? Regret? Hate yourself? Or think that it is nothing. I don't give a damm?

Well, one should know that it is ur own life. You need to be accounted for and no one is going to help you. I pray that when I don't need to be the one saying to you again because you think it is bad at your side when it is worser on side. Why should I and who am I to do it? You should know better... Learn to be more alert. Who told you that life is just waiting for something to happen? Is wasting time your hobby?

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