Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank You

I seriously have very nice people around me..Today I was walking along my house downstairs and I was just thinking about things.

Then I saw these 2 indian small boys. And one of them was crying. The other said, bro, dont worry, I will always be there for you. It was really surprisingly how a small boy can say such a thing. Anyways, then I asked myself, does everyone have someone to be there for them?

I am glad, very blessed to have my friends and family, God to be there for me all the time. I have kind people like PL who will just get water for me even when I didnt tell her to. I have beautiful people who does not seek or expect things from me like my supporters and they just hope to hear good songs and melodies from me...

Thank you guys.. you are the best you know...

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