Friday, September 19, 2008


Today was a busy day. I did a new song, an arrangement for my friend Yuan Yi. The thing is.. his verse and chorus sounded too alike. So, what I did was to make the arrangement for the verse more minor and the chorus the other way.
Feedback was that he liked it but, he wanted to make the song less 'young'! anyways... Like I said, in anything and everything, there bound to have people who likes it and dislike.. (our dear Avril particularly like the part where it sounded cool and young) haha
Then after, I went out with A to have food. Then I saw niceeeeeeeeeeee clothings at Ben Sherman. (forgot how to spell) Was thinking, should I get them or not, haha.. finding a reason.. Guilty from Fashion.
Then it was something relating to this pic above. We were suppose to watch a movie but I have decided to go for a massage. We had foot massage..... soooooo nice. But this Miss A is like feeling pain more than anything else. As for me, I was just too tired to bother so I slept and I was caught on camera by Miss HL.
After that, I had to leave for meeting and now.. Home sweet home.. haha

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