Saturday, March 28, 2009


So what would you call having a good testimony. To wait for something bad to happen so what God can change it to good? To show that you do what you well in front of others and then everything else messy after? What is it?

Sometimes, we humans tend to live blindly. To only see things in a certain perspective without much thoughts. I myself have done that before and got me into some trouble. Thank God He is good.

Living right is the best way to proof a great testimony. God does not need to work hard on people who are well, but those who arnt. So which are u. Well or unwell? I rather choose to do everything well... (or should I say, TRY my very best) Just like the doctors say, prevention is better than cure. Living well for God and oneself is the best way to show how much we love ourselves and others. To give life and light.. not grief and hurts.

Have you heard.. forgive and forget? Maybe someone hurt you with hurtful words recently, maybe someone misunderstood you and made u felt left out.. Forgive them .. People who r hurt, hurt others...

Quote, smile and receive.. Reject and leave to Jesus..

Love you guys..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Long time ago, we believe in trusting.. We believe what others say. We trust that our friends could help us get through tough times. We believe that they will never betray us.

Last time, we believed that doctors will give us the best help we need. To make us get better. We believe our business partners, we believed our lawyers, the people around us, the many others...

So when do you realise everything in this world has no right nor wrong.. No gurantee?

As we grow older, we realise many things. Sometimes, it is so hard to contain if you were to look closely. To be there to see things happening but have no power or energy to make things better. When this happens. Who do you turn to.. What would you have done?

And maybe, some will never experience this ever in his life.. But that does not mean it does not exist.. Then again, human.. being selfish, only realise things when it happens to themselves.. isnt that always true?

So is just looking at the bright side the best way? What is next?

Jesus heals, Jesus guides, Jesus protects... Jesus... He never fails to give you what you need

Monday, March 23, 2009

See this BOY


Finally, a long time friend, someone who is going to church every sunday.. wow.. So she say.. God saved me.. God made my life so much better. Now I seldom get angry and fustrated..

It is true isnt it.. God is so wonderful..

Go to Far East Shopping Centre if you like Beef.. You will love it there.. 6 floor

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

So naughty...

Listen to your heart.

So they say, one should listen to your heart? But what does your heart tells u ? Is it always right? What is right and what is wrong? Have you ever made a choice so firmly that you thought u will never be disappointed or fail? Have you been seeking for someone or something till you feel so tired and then fall back onto something else?

Life is short.. have you heard of it? People say it again n again, but we dont realise even if it was, it is not only to live it well, but to live it to the fullest. Is just looking good it? Is eating the best food it? Is going everywhere to see God's creation it? Is helping others and not having much for oneself it? What is it?

So they say again, we are very similar but different too. Humans.. what can be used to described? Should we be so complicated or should there just be simplicity? Oh well, people change? Or people are just the way they were all along? How do you bring out something in someone? How do you create a character if you were not like that of the norm?

Its all about believeing isnt it? To believe in something or someone.. can u fully understand it? Can you trust what u believe will not fail you? What can you do to make sure.... In life... nothing is 100%... But should we choose to accept or change? Or to learn to be even better?

Think.. Maybe you get it. maybe you dont... I am still learning

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watermelon... Creative...........

look around... what do u see? Creativity is what's 'in' today. Everyday, u see new things. U see fashion becoming so popular with not just girls, ladies, men even children and everywhere...

U see new ways of promotion, u new ways of wine tasting, people doing things in very different ways. Looking different, acting different and so on.

I went to the gym and then had lunch with friends. As I went into the gents. The wall, was filled with white tiles. The difference is, it has a stretch of small brown tiles just in the middle section. Sometimes, we wonder, is it necessary? Or its just extra...

What is really impt in our lives and what not? People pay so much for things looking good but are they worth it? If it was a NEED or a WANT..

Do we get blinded because of the beautiful 'outer layer' or should we learn to focus on the inside?! Or learn to be better.. to have both the in n out...

Let's not be blinded. Good on the outside, does not mean BAD on the inside.. Bad on the outside does not mean BRILLIANT on the inside..
Give time..

A great dinner wif Great people

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Radio in Taiwan

Monday, March 9, 2009

Counting Blessings.

I just woke up, I saw an envelope at the door.......

Remembered the first day I came to Taiwan on this trip. I woke up so early I dread coming. I reached the airport and I called Jian Fu Ge. Ever so nice, waited for me to come home. How many times do we have a 2nd chance in life to know people? To do it again? To count our blessings.

1 after another, be it a Church concert, TV show, Radio station.. I told Jesus, may many be blessed but first, I need to be touched by You. I asked myself. If ever I have done wrong, forgive me as it is not my purpose to stumble others but to Lift n Shine for You.

I just woke up, I saw an envelope at the door.......

The first card, it said,

"Dearest Hagen, When I counted my blessing and that's when I knew one of my favorite blessing is you.........."

"you did good in Taiwan, keep shining for Jesus. You are always the best."

The 2nd card, it said,

"Dear Brother Hagen, Everytime you come to Taiwan, U bring me so many challenges....."

"you are always my BEST brother."

I went to places people could not go. I experienced much hope in lives with God that many cannot see. I trusted and I was lifted up. I was made whole because of You. Many got saved for my testimony showed Your power and strength. Jesus..

Will you ever see His eyes? Will you really understand His love? Stay close to Jesus.. Stay close to your family and friends.... I love you guys....
I am thankful

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Huang Guo Loon

If you are not too sure who this man beside me is, he is the composer of Faye Wong's 我愿意。。 Such a wonderful song. such talent.. where did he got it from. Obviously not from himself alone as he shared. He came to Singapore once and was sharing his testimony. For so long, he tried so hard to sell his songs, but no one seem to be interested. Then one day, he prayed, so hard.. Lord... let me write a song for you..

I remembered when 我愿意 first came out, I really felt so fresh. So special it sounded..

Today, I am glad that I have met him personally, and share much of my testimony with him. Telling the world how Jolin's 马德里不思意 came about. If it was not because of Jesus.. this happy song will not come to past..

I love You Jesus

Lets pray for wisdom, pray that God may use our talent in many ways.. for His Glory indeed..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feel your touch.

Someone once told me, Life is about discovering, about learning, about exploring, about seeing what suits us and what not. Some say, it's about finding ourselves out.
What do you say?:)

Do we get into a relationship just for the sake of it? Do we love because we are lonely? Do we find someone special because we are totally ready? Can you accept his/her every rights n wrongs, his good n bad. So what is it? To be in it or to fall out? To realise that in the end, that person is not what we are looking for? Or is everything too quick?

So is it all about preparing yourself? Or sometimes, it is about the 'right time'. And if it was the right time, would that be the right person?

And when u get into one. Will you be faithful forever?
I never thought I would think this way till much happened around me. So if someone strayed, is that a bad thing? Should he/she be crucified like Jesus on the cross? Seriousness is a feeling we set for ourselves. To know and understand how far we can go and how much more we can endure.

Who is the most loved Angel by God? The creative one.. And in this century, creativity is so important. It is taking over our lives. Everyday we see new things. We see new people. We see new looks on old people. We see things that are so disillusional. So how much can we take? How much can we learn from.. How much would u choose to take in and leave out? Tell me, would you be able to take everything after 3 months hiding maybe in the corner of ur house?

The world has changed so much that we cannot contain sometimes. To be deceived and then realised it was actually the real fact. To believe but shocked cos it was all purely a Game! So what can we do? What shall we do? Do you have a hiding place? Can you tell urself clearly what you really want in life? Is he THE ONE? Do you know what you are really doing? Or r u just following what everyone else does?

I want a life that I can be responsible for. A life I can be proud of. 10 years down the road, I will not look back and regret. Or worse, can't even remember a single thing I have done..

Is your life a meaningful one? Or it is just another....... God made everyone special. You are special.. Do something you are good at.. And one day, when you are great at it, smile and tell yourself, u made the right choice. . .
Will we make the same mistakes again n again?

PS, can u remember what was the reason you got into ur relationship? Find that fire

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taiwan 2009