Thursday, September 11, 2008

Talking or meaning?

Do we mean what we say? Sometimes, we say things faster than we think. And i can understand that. But is it something that we should try to understand or change? The things we do may seem like it is ok... so and so will understand, or worse, nvm lah, heck care.. is life just like that? Do we not take things seriously so that we may be less stressed and let others stress for us? Has anyone ever thought, so if we r like that, for those who really put in their efforts and heart, how would they feel? Are they going to stop or move on? Is life just full with all the temp stuff? Things that are never going to last? Oh well, I shan't say more, cos if it speaks to u , u will know what i mean. No matter how affected, its ok, cos its not about us, its about you. Don't wait till it's too late. Cos by then,ur life would suck big time and no one will be by ur side to tell u this.

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