Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Study Hard

When I was little, my mum always told me. If u do not study hard. you will never find a decent job. And now, after I have gotton a 1st class .. she said, many who studied hard too did not find a good job.

The thing is. So what is good and what is bad. What is real and what's not? I have thought of this before. Why can't we just do what we want and my parents stop saying what they say. But I realised that if we did, then we will never be where we are today. When we were younger, we need guidence. When we grow older, we still do need it. It is not about how old we are, but the amount of experiences which will make us grow wiser. To know what our priorities are. Indeed, study hard and play hard. I never disagree with it. Ever. Cos that was what I did when I was younger. But what is even more impt is to know when to have a limit. If we have decided to play hard..it is very impt to know that we have already done all that we can to make our studies a 'worry-less' subject. At times, people fail to deliver because we tend to do things at the instance. We want things now! Right away.. Everything is about being quick. Just like fun.. Anything not fun we dont do. Just like work, or study. But U know what? It takes time for a seed to grow into a big tree. It takes effort for it to bear fruits. It takes care and love for it to blossom and have fresh beautiful fruits and all. So what u suggest we do to our lives? To live like everybody else? If they say go this way we go? If they say sleep we sleep? Play we play? Work we work? Or its all a pretence?

If you ask me, I'd say, life is full of choices, we need to choose wisely and know what our priorities are. If it is love, friends, whatever it is.. life still goes on right? Then we need to strike a balance. To do well in everything we do before we start playing. If it was a time of friendship we wanted to be in it... do what we had to do before we go into it..

I love my life now because I thank God I had my mummy to tell me what I had to do. I hope lesser people will experience the feeling of regret ... it is the worst thing cos TIME never fails to move...

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