Friday, February 27, 2009


Back In Taiwan

So what did I do... I slept at 2, woke up at 4am... thinking that it was 5.45am. Did that a few times and then I fell asleep. Ring Ring, a call from Jerry. "Woke up already?" he said. I was obviously not very awake but I had to cos my flight was at 8.05am and I haven't even fully packed. I went to the toilet and the phone rang again.. Again he said, "woke up already?!" (have you ever wondered, if I went back to sleep, and he didn't call, what would happen.") He's so nice.

I was packing like mad, with the help of Wani. Finally, we(jerry and I) left for the airport. Took the skytrain from T1 to T2 for Burger King's Breakfast. Luckily we had the breakfast with 1 sausage and 1 bacon. The sausage sucked! Just like my spelling.. lol.

Then, my other dear brother sent a message to Jerry, ".....why you didn't you wake me up!" It was so funny but so sweet. Have you ever had friends who really care for your life at any point.I am grateful I have you...

On the plane, I was seated in a row with 3 other guys. Anyways, I was flipping here n there, so tired but so restless. When I woke up, the one sitting right beside me asked, "Do you have a pen?". Then the other asked me, "What do you write here?"....(on the immigration slip)

One said, "family name you write what huh?"... his friend looked at him and he said, "I write my father's name.."

After awhile, he asked, "Are you taiwanese?" ....Then he asked, "what do you work as?" I replied that I was a composer. He said, "Are you a star..?" (the other excitedly said) "What's your name?" I said "Hagen". "Chen Meng Qi!" he exclaimed (the one beside me, lets call him Tan) "Oh oh, I know, the one on the bus..."

Don't you find it great when you meet people around who are nice and fun..

I reached Taiwan and took a cab. Took me about 2 hours to reach home. Did gym and then met sister Charlotte. (in between, too tired now to type, hand pain) Anyways first thing she said was, why so dark? wahahahahahahaa yup! I'm malay.. NOT. (I m not racist k)

We went to get my gym gloves as I cleverly forgotten them, and we went to eat.
On the way back, (THIS IS THE FUNNY PART) We walked down the stairs to the train station and PIAK! (sister Charlotte's paper bag tore and all my albums for tomorrow's performance fell to the floor.) SHIT! what I do.. I naturally looked to the floor and helped her pick them up.. OMG can u believe it.. It was so damm funny lah..

Then, when we reach the station to alight, the escalator broke down..

What a beautiful day.. My first day in Taiwan ...

I love you Lord

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We Grow...

So what did you do today?

I went out for lunch with Chris, Jere and Matt. We walked to Loyang Point.
After so long, this is probably the first time I am walking under the sun for SO LONG. Anyways, it does bring back much memories. When I was young, I walked from my primary school back to my mum;s salon once because I did not have money on me to go home.

We hanged out at the pool. Finally, Jere has surrendered his blue float. Brought to my house to use the pump for the blow up. Very kind of him... ever so kind.

So, I was suppose to go gym then after with Matt, but realise I was too tired after the beautiful sun shining on my dark tan skin for 2 hours. I fell asleep.

It was their dad's birthday, great sons... invited me to swensens with them but I decided it is a family thing and I went dinner with my friend.

We went to Kembangan to eat.. guys, if you wanna eat great steam fish.. thats the place man..

Went Ikea after, got myself a new lamp as the old one was broken.

Came back, and we hanged out at the shelter downstairs..

Well, how did your day went? What did you do?

Today, I was just reflecting... I wondered, what took us so long to realise certain things.. Is life just all about the things revolving around us? U know, watching people talk, react, you can actually tell how they are being brought up. Sometimes, if we were being hit or scolded when we were younger, is it a good or bad thing? What would we grow up to be..

I was watching my friend. Everything he say ends with optimisim. Then I wonder, am I like that? Are we like this? Or what ever happens, we expect the worst. Should life be taken lightly or somuch stress that we cannot breadth.

Let life be full of happiness. True happiness so that we may not fall into depression. Let great friends be your support and ur family the guide. Let God lead so we may walk His way to eternal life...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

La La

Take your time to see the world today.
Everywhere you go, will go your way.

Definitely we'll always be, here to be your friends.
Just hold our hands and you'll understand.

And oh I will always remember you this way.
And when you're lonely, we can understand.

Definitely we'll always be, here to be your friends.
Cause in our hearts, you'll always make a stand.

We'll always remember you, my dear friend.
We'll always be here till you're coming back.

We'll always remember you, my dear friend.
Eh Eh Eh

LaLa - Hagen Tan (陈孟奇)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009


SO many people so many places. So much to do, so little time. So busy, cant take time off. But all these we've heard them all. What is true and what not. Someone was drinking, broke the glass table, on valentines day itself. What crosses your mind? Wife ran away with another man? Gf was not into the relationship rather, just his money?
When do we say stop to our own feelings. Is it wrong to feel for someone? Then I thought.... there is no right, nor wrong. It is just where n when, who and how much have you experienced. But is it good to experience so much? How can one enjoy then? When fear is always there to kidnap your emotions to let go. So who do we go to? Your hiding place? Did someone hurt you somehow? Have you hurt anyone?

So, someone did something really bad to me. I wondered, if one can be so unprofessional, only saying things to make you feel you are impt when they need you in one way or the other, throw you aside and disappear in no time after. What is left is only an experience. But will we truely learn...

Then, someone said, trust me... I will.......... will you ever learn to trust again?

How many people in this world thinks of others before themselves?

Being in the entertainment, is it only a game? Or its a profession. So if you ask me, I write songs. When there is no real feelings put in, what comes out is only a piece of art wrk. Who can be touched is only those who are being deceived. And I choose to put heart.. And then what?

Know why people climb over u? Because they know they can make use of you. They think you are stupid. They think they can do what ever they want since it is so easy... But in the end, will they be happy? Just wait, when the emotion of guilt crawls to you,

So, some people only write to spike others. I wonder what happened to their childhood. Many of times, I choose to be quiet, not because I am stupid, I dont think it is necessary to explain. For what to explain to people who already has their own answer firmly backing their ignorance. It's ok I always say... even not, I will say so. My pastor always say, do something you formally could not do. When you are sick, stand firn. When you are weak, act strong.. So is it right or wrong? I would choose to say, it is a great encouragment to oneself. And if we ourselves do not trust that we can make it, who will?

Its forceful when you stress, it is beautiful when you keep your cool.

Afterall, the sour will always fight to safe their own faces... Dont you know, only the wicked can climb fast high to the top.

Who would you want to be?

Brave-Jennifer Lopez

Out wif LALA

So what do you do when you are out with a whole bunch of crazy people? I came to realise that life is just a textbook when u thought that there is only a certain way of life. You sleep, then wake up, then clean up, then go to school/work, then back then sleep. Then what? And if you dont try, would you know? Life is like a dictionary. Maybe things are there to do. But will we ever find out for ourselves?:)
A day with LALA, our SUPERSTAR from indonesia. Her presence obviously made someone went mad. With the help of some high liquor.. lol. Anyways it was so fun. The beautiful people God has created... the friends that made life wonderful... I am thankful for my 1003 people(uknow who u r) ps when we doing bowling.. My superb neighbours..
My beloved... Jesus

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I went to collect the t I altered. The lady was awfully nice to wanna not charge me. Then again, business is still business. She offered, I still paid. What would you do?

As I walking along the escalator, "Hagen"... my friend called me. He was at the opp side, came down again just to talk a little with me. Now, he goes to City Harvest. Praise God. Then I continued walking towards the gym. Tab tab, I turned. Some lady ask, are you Hagen. I said yes. She said, you changed alot.. heard you music. Loved your christian album...Can I have your number...

Then I walked again... A chinese lady stopped me, she gave me a name card. It says scouting talents..... Indeed, I am being scouted Praise God.. Anyways... yup...

I reached the gym. I saw a long time friend, my oh my.... looking good as ever.

In the evening, I met up my sister. We went to watch Ben Button. A movie anyone who does not know how to appreciate people and life, people who are so caught up with themselves and not know what truely loving someone, or responsibility should definitely watch.

The truth about life.. the difficulties and hurt... the stress and importance...
And now I know for sure, why I am different.. My mother always tells me that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Monday

Thats what friends are 4

So me and my clicks went swimming today. I am all red now. Anyways, it was Jerry, Matt, Dennis and I.. Yup.. this is probably gonna be the only time I am posting such pics.. but oh well. its kinda fun.. so yup .. Enjoy imagining............. These guys r HOT ... Talking about my friends of course!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lunch With Jerry

We went to Ikea... It was fun.. RAINING! SHit....

anyway, the point is NOT ikea. Its, who took better pictures.. lol.. see what I did and what he... COMMENT guys! Personal I prefer his pics, or maybe I am a bad subject lol


Taiwan Book Week..

Thank you sister Charlotte... you have been truely a friend. A great child of God....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayer Circles

Around the circle the 6th-grade girls went, taking turns praying for each other in the Bible study group. "Father in heaven," Anna prayed, "please help Toya not to be so boy-crazy." Tonya added with a giggle, "And help Anna to stop acting horrible in school and bothering other kids." Then Talia prayed, "Lord, help Tonya to listen to her mother instead of always talking back."
Although the requests were real, the girls seem to enjoy teasing their friends by pointing out the flaws in front of others instead of caring about their needs for God's help. Their group leader reminded them about the seriousness of talking to Almighty God and the importance of evaluating their own hearts.
If we use prayer to point out the faults of others while ignoringour own, we are like the Pharisee in Jesus's parable. He prayed, "God I thank You that I am not like other men,extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector" Instead, we are to be like the man who asked God to be merciful to him, "a Sinner".
Let's be careful to not let our prayers become the listing of other's flaws. The kind of prayer God desires flows out of a humble evalutaion of our own sinful hearts.

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Pics

張靚穎 - 靠近你