Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today, I woke up at 1pm, thinking that it was 10am... well obviously I was really really tired.
Yesterday was the concert. It was fun, great and annointed..

I was happy because the audiences were very receptive. And they were nice. I had mothers coming up to tell me she had a wonderful time and that she was touched. I have my 7 angels who did well and sang well and they were great. Seeing their family members happy, enjoying watching their own children performing was really satisfying.

I must say, the crew was good too.

My secondary mates came to the concert and then told me, his gf said 'hagen looks good actually'... I was like, good lo.. cos usually, I am just dressed normal.. All Glory be to God.

It was nice also, to hear compliments about the show that I was well planned. Some wanted to hear more songs from me though. I guess the next time I will do more songs..

Finally. I just am grateful that I am doing this for my Lord Jesus Christ


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A small voice from a Big Girl said...

Heyooo... it was a really good show.. and you should sing more songs.. I had lots of fun.

Didn't know its so casual & fun, I should have brought my son as well! But let us know when your next concert will be k? We will definately attend!

Jia You!!!

God Bless!!!