Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad English

YES! I like to type with many many typo errors... cos like this then I can feel good! wahahahahhahahahaaa my dear avril.. this blog is where i can share my thoughts with many many people and what is happening in my life.. Thank you for correcting my eng ger lish... still i would prefer it to be like this..

Ai ya.. its for me to be free le! if i type also must think here think there. very stressfull... hur hur hur

Avril: says:
english cannot make it
Avril: says:
i feel like taking a marker and do corrections
Avril: says:
Avril: says:
if u wanna write singlish or bad english also got tactic one
Avril: says:
in a way pple will wanna read
Avril: says:
dun tell me u wrote that??!!!!
Avril: says:
Hagen Tan! you pay me money i tutor you english
Avril: says:
anointed and not annointed
its just a feeling of sincerity and dedication and love says:

Come to think of it, who will believe i went to the UK to study! Do you know that the natives, some of them cannot even spell right too? Not trying to save myself ya.. Just that you know. I went there to do interior Arct.. not english lol...

But its always nice to have u around cos u wei wo hao...

Anyways.. its 1.25pm.. I just had my lunch..

I dreamt of something weird yesterday. That I could fly. and then. we were in a group running down the stairs. What ever that meant.. its weird.. haha



Pei Lin said...

haha.. avril.. i totally agree with you! i also felt like making the corrections.. mr tan... how about making avril your english tutor and me your chinese tutor? ;p

pei lin

A small voice from a Big Girl said...

Hahah Avril, well done!! hahahah I thought it was just me.. hahah

Maybe cause he went to study Interior Arch, no need use english words for too long... ahahha *giggles*

Mr Tan, will you be writing english songs? *^_^*