Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today was really fun..... we went bowling at Chinese swimming club. TS, PS, PL, A, Reg, Craven and sis went. We had 2 teams and each has our own scores and at the same time, see which team wins. Obviously it was more than that.. we had Mdm Soh something, shakraka, you ni, mei ni.. and dunno what as our names.. We even had 'warmmm'.

Sometimes, having a big laugh is really fun.. Hey guys, really love u all ....

And then, Avril sent us home, it was really nice of her.. (even though her bowling really needed improvement) Just like my english.

Today, I realise something, I am really indeed a very soft hearted person. I wan to see people grow and I wan to be a better person. I wish that we as humans can help each other grow and not put down..

Let there be more love..

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