Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday People

This is a special day. First I was helping my friend with a birthday gift. Then, I was writing a song for my friend's friend. I then thought to myself.. It is indeed special for them to be doing things for their friends on their birthdays...

Do we have anyone that will remember our special days?

What is life? I'd like to think that life is only a temporary place for us to get to know the many nice people and achieve things we want to make this earth a better place...

Today, HK called me and told me Taiwan is not too happy with my recent fast songs. It seemed like they are not full. It felt like a wake up call. That I have not been putting as much effort as I did before. Lord help me.. It seems like when I am doing songs for You.. I dont really seem to have great feelings to write for others. Actually, even before that, I felt that my life is coming to a turning point. That God is changing some habits and routines I thought I cannot change.

Music is like an emotion. It has its ups and down in different parts of the song. Who dictates them though? You? Me? I guess it is very subjective... Isnt that the best way to explain it? Indeed. Then again. Is it a style we should change to fit into the liking of the companies or is it just something we should take it as a pinch of salt?

I want to do it because I know I need to. Not because of someone else.. Yes.. Thats correct..

Let me do nicer songs. That will touch and not just a tune that is impressive...

I love you Jesus

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