Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nothing but Thank youss..

Kindness begets Kindness.. :) says:
yes, love and care should be unconditional...
Kindness begets Kindness.. :) says:
and i am really grateful that you are so selfless in giving your love and care to us...

It is words like these that makes me smile. I just wonder sometimes, why I do the things I do? Oh well, I guess I am made this way for bigger things which God wants me to handle in life.

Today was special. QYQL family know each other for 100 days. And of course, our miss Avril is not back, therefore I wont put the song up until she is back. Cos I dont know how to .. Anyhow, some of us were tearing as it was really gan dong for many since pei shan thought of this idea. I was happy to help her fulfil it and there you have, the song 100Days.

I was just wondering, what does Jesus wants for me in QYQL... Is this it? Maybe this is a great programme, maybe not. Maybe it needs a break.. What do you think? To me, even if there were only 1 person listening to it, I am happy to do it. Though in practical sense, it is impossible since the radio station is not opened by me. When ever I see nice and great sms-es. I feel warmth. I feel that I have a purpose. It's like I am not just talking to myself. Thank you guys for the support.

I want to also thank the many who has given me another chance to know who I really am cos it is indeed very special for those who didnt really like me before maybe due to press but that they have heard me that they think otherwise now. Thank you...

I am also very happy that I have many loving and caring friends, you know who you are. Always there to support me and love me. I may not be the best friend you want, I will still try my best to brighten your days..

Thank you Jesus, for my family. I love my life. I love people who are sincere towards knowing who Hagen really is..

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