Friday, September 19, 2008


Today is a Sunny Day..
Today is a Great Day...
Today is a Happy Day..
Today is a Lovely Day..
Today I want to make something happen..
Today I want to let good things happen..
Today I want it to be a meaningful day..
Today Today Today...

Today, I woke up and thought... It must be a great day. I had 35 sms-es... of which 5 were impt, 26 were good morning sms-es and 4 were just.... Um...... bo liao?

Anyway, I thank God, He has given me people who remembers me everyday they wake up.. I love you guys..

I looked out my window and everything looked the same as yesterday. What was different was myself. I am different from yesterday.. I am different from the day before. Everyday.. when you wake up, do u just drag urself out of bed, or tell yourself. Shit I m Late... BUT give me 5 more minutes... 5 will do.. okok 4.... okok... 2! Aiya. MC lah.

You know, The thing about life is this. We choose how we want to look at it. It is a choice. Always a choice. And how can the stress be lifted? Don't even think that the surroundings can do that. It's only temporary. Try from within.. Learn to accept and COPE. Dont run away from the matter. Have u realised why men likes to do the disappearing act? To run somewhere and hide? Or do something U dont know? Now too late after, its a divorce, its a hurt.. someone gets into trouble..
Face it.. dont run..

My friend told me... he wanted to die.. He has been crying for 2 weeks since.. and he is not getting better.. Loneliness is embracing him and he is feeling depressed.

Do we have to be like that? There is nothing wrong to feel that! If not, you are not human. And it is how and when u should snap out of it that is impt.... U know, I am soooooooooooo busy at all times and when I slow down.. I want to pace myself to look at the things around me and the people who needs more care than I do. Yes, I know, you might say, I am so tired of helping people and not having enough time for myself.. What so ever for? He also don't appreciate what! Does he? Do you realise, as we have this mentality, it shows that we are expecting.. We expect better in return. If not, at least say something nice...

Is expectation bad? No it isn't. If you don't expect, you don't get.. But is it something you can take it? If not, protect yourself. My father always says. 病从口入. Same things. Do things with a loving heart, a giving one, and dont expect something like, THE WORLD.

Then, another of my close friend said very nice things to me yesterday just before I went to bed. I felt like she has changed. To be a more positive person. Her exact words were.. I have learnt to be nicer to my family, and sister.. I want to be different and because something has happened in my life. I want to do things and not having to worry about what others would say.

Now, this is good attitude.. Just remember to smile in good and bad times..

Today is a great day... we must tell ourselves that..

Love is the key.. because when u give, even though u may think the others don't appreciate or saw it. You are right only by half.. He/she will know it because I know....

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