Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What is Right? What is Wrong? says:
hagen, i like your MAYBE very very very much... the melody, and the lyrics... may i request for the mp3 of the song please? :)
Touched by a song..... says:
it's making me cry... this song.....


meiyin said...

im in that exact fit of state. 很想放弃。there can only be so many reasons why one is up at this hour. for me, it's that i have been knocked out of sleepiness by bad quarreling. and i just, 很想放弃。

not so much now, after this song..


avril said...

There's also a reason why I'm still up this late too! hur hur hur hagen hur. But its nice to hear that all of us are touched by your song right. More to come right up!

Pei Lin said...

For whatever reason we're still up, it's because this song is touching enough to keep us awake..

meiyin said...

Yong Yuan Dou Zai is a very nice song tooo..

and im still stuck in the noisy mess.

i have 8am class tmr.

wish me luck.

oh dear. ahh.

(no intention to mini-blog here but i can't help it right nw.. sorrie.)