Thursday, February 18, 2010


Finally, dad is coming out from the hospital today. Praise the Lord. As He is our strength.
Recently, I realised that I am not as strong as I am. My mind starts running wild when things go wrong. Do you feel that too?..
I believe every human being is made differently, but what is most imporatant, we learn from one another. We learn to work together and support each other. Jesus is good. He showed so much of him to me when my dad is in the hospital. Indeed there were alot of spiritual warfare.. Who can understand that ..

I have met some friends who r really just so caught up only with themselves and nothing else. It seemed like the world to them is so big that they cannot reach and therefore stood in its own contentment of comfort zones. Anyways, who said that was wrong. Maybe its good. At least they just do what they can do and move on with life everyday peacefully. But, who are we to judge what is right or wrong.
To find ourselves, first we need to focus on God. To ask for a direction.
My auntie once said to me, Ask for a direction from God. Then I realised, I have been praying everyday, for all sorts of things, be it to serve faithfully, to see growth in the ministry, devine health for my family n friends, Pastor Rony, and many more,... BUT I didn't ask for a direction.
What is a direction. It says in the dictonary...Definition: That which is imposed by directing; a guiding or authoritative instruction; prescription; order; command; as, he grave directions to the servants.
Do we all have it?.. And even if we did, who/what is the drive.. the reason for that particular direction. Is it Family? Money? Power? Fame? Lust? ......... God? What do u see in yourself.. what drives u to be who u r..
Humans are simple, but complexed. I am a very good example. Just look at the way I express in this and you will agree. So much thoughts and so much to tell. Its like never ending isnt it.. Is thinking too much bad? I guess yes n no. One need to really know who and what we r doing as to be able to live a life meaningfully. Isnt it true... Some people changes jobs almost every week. Others uses shopping to destress. Is it a sign of stress you cannot contain anymore? Is it a sign of a direction problem!
Last week, my dear Pastor Rony was on the news. So big that u cannot miss. Then on saturday, at miracle service, he made a public apology. He also said, to stop defending for him.
To me, I wan to defend him not because he is my pastor. Because his teaching were and ARE real to me. He is my mentor. Its like, if your mum done something wrong, would u disown her? (is that even a right way of saying) Anyways, I thank God that I have a great pastor who is willing to say he is sorry for what he said. People do get carried away, but how many times are we graceful enough to forgive others for what they said accidently. Bigger picture, for the sake of Singaporeans, we want harmony. Ha! I can see that indeed! Like as if when you put such a big hu ha on this big issue its going to make people see that this is harmony? To be honest, I think more people are against each other now cos it becomes a disagreement between religions. Which = humans who have different beliefs. Are we a 'surface' person.. or just simply unhappy to see others happy? Are we just people who claims n claims and fight n fight but dont even know what the real truth is.. Do we even know what life is all about..
Dont mind me saying, in everything we do, there is always a for and against power behind it. Today, what you believe in, you may not even give a damm about it tomorrow.
Seriously, there are so much more to concern about. For someone like Pastor Rony, who was from a Taoist family background, just like me, I can relate to him greatly. I am sure he knows what he is saying. Not because I m in his church, but because of my past experiences. I also know, that religion is indeed a very sensitive issue, because most importantly, it deals with the heart. So, whats further than the heart? A personal attack will never go too far.
I learnt this in my life. Along the way, be it in the army, (not saying it is bad) just that men in singapore have no choice. In 10 of my friends, 5 would strongly say its a waste of time, 3 says its ok.. (unwilling.. what to do.. this is life.. ) 2 would say, ya its fine, I enjoy it sometimes. You are being forced into a place or situation where you probably dont enjoy at all. The good part is, we can become a stronger person to overcome many obsticles in life. The bad, we tend to depend on ourselves and many more. And so what? You are still a lonely person!
In the entertainment, you need to work with people whom you probably dislike because, they are fake, or untrue. Maybe everyone is like that. Maybe, everyone is afraid of getting hurt. Then who do you turn to.
Once, my mother said, you know, you are so not suitable to be in the entertainment. U are too real. and people dont like TOO REAL. Its like photoediting. Doesnt it look nicer when u enhance the colors, and photo shop ur pictures.
Just like reporters. I can totally understand, that its a job. It something one wants to achieve in life. To write something which many will talk about. To be different and aggravates people from the insides. Oh well, will you keep your believe just like Pastor Rony.. or will you regret one day for what you have written just because you want a story. A story to hurt rather than save..
Its ok.. some people do it because they dont see yet.. but its really sad indeed. cos where will you go after life.
There is so much I want to say. But I guess, its enough for now.
God is a good God. I know it for sure.
Play with fire and you get burnt. Some might say, no, as long as you dont go too near..
Whatever it is..
Life is too short to work on your own. To care only for your story alone. Unless it helps people see the TRUTH, its just a lonely success that no one will remember.
Let God be God. Pastor be Pastor, I am sure he said what he said, because he knows and believes in the real God, Jesus

PS. Jesus was crucified. This is the fact. The truth is, He lived again. Can u believe that? If not, dont say anymore just because you dont believe in Him. U need a chill pill and calm down. Think, and then act again. Maybe the one saying sorry is you and not him..

Its only my thoughts n my blog. I have every right to say what I wanna say right..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I believe in You

My friend found this and asked me to watch. I was indeed surprised, but more importantly, I am really touched. Even though some melody line was not totally right, but there was His presences. Jesus is Love, indeed, I believe in You..


Maybe knowing her was a mistake in the first place. Maybe I was just another in her life..
Sometimes, its really sad how people only choose to believe what they want to believe. Sad indeed. Oh well. What is life.. Maybe thats why we all need God. No matter how much we say we dont care, we are gracful. We support. we dont judge.. We still do. Maybe thats why we need God.
People.. what can I say.. Anyways, its ok. I have come to realise, its not what you do. Is what you dont do.. Sometimes, its not even necessary to say anything anymore. Cos they only choose to see what they wan to see. Yes, we need God.
The thing is, she needs to survive. And its the best way for her to get what she wanted. Anyways.. its life.. Isnt it.. So what if she was not that nice afterall, Oh well, I know things you dont. But at least I dont go round gossiping about it.. Indeed, u dont know who I am talking about, and you dont need to know.

Its only a passage.. dont mind me..

God bless..

Thursday, February 4, 2010