Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cloverfield For You..

Kelvin, I really must salute to you!
Can u imagine urself folding all these! To be able to fold each and everyone and then create these sculptured looking objects. For one, I might be able to do it but I will not want to do it.. The thought of it just tires me.
Many of us probably are like that. Before even wanting to do something, we already judged ourselves, the whole journey, the time spent.. etc. When was the last time you actually did something meaningful without a teacher or boss asking u to. Or your parents as a matter of fact. Anyways. I went to Kel's exhibition yesterday, It was truely impressive. The amount of time and effort is probably the last thing he thought. It was his aim that made him go on. His dream, PASSION.. that never dies. I m impressed. Very..
Its at ILLUMA..
Do you know whats the meaning of these leafs....

The Hand Burger

Has anyone been here before? Its also a very nice place. Its at 313.. I love the texture of the bread.. yum yum

Everything Angels.

This is a really nice place.. you guys should come try.. the scoons are really nice.. everything there has a really peaceful feeling ..

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was really busy but fun.. It was raining.. and as I was crossing to the other side of a building, though there was a shelter, the rain was too heavy and wind was blowing to one side. Never will u be able to walk pass without getting wet.. Then I was just telling my friend.. 'how to cross like that!!' A little 'loud' voice said... 'run across lah! so easy'. YES! indeed, This little boy above.. I cant really remember his name clearly, but its .. Chia something.. Josh.
I asked him.. wow how to run pass without getting wet! He said, just run! R U A N... huh!! OH..... NO NO, R U N!!! I said but the rain is too big.. He said.. Hai Yo.. Just run lah!!! So I said, U show me! He got down from his bicycle and started.. I told him to be careful.. So he ran over and back. Looking really happy, I said:"didnt ur mum teach u not to talk to strangers!" He said.. NO.. I mean, YEAH!!!! So I said, then why r u talking to me.. He said.. cos your bag is expensive one! Cost 1k right!

Then I was talking to this lady at the lab.. I said.. U look like my mum's sister. She said, is young or old.. I dont wanna look old..

Its really interesting how people react when u least expect..
Well, I guess, everyone's focus is different. Indeed.

I am happy with my life because You completed it.. God is good. all the time.. and all the time... God is good....

Question.. 小叮当的underwear 什么颜色? listen to his song .. make a guess..
Answer... la la la la la la la ... got one part.. Ang Ang Ang.. dor de o ah ee su ki.. doraemommmmmm...
Ang= RED

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Sleepy

God is good.. I m so sleepy. cos I just finished a new song! Lets pray for more great songs..

Thanks to Avril.. helping me on a new skin for my blog.. Its cool man..

Night Guys.. Yawn...

Monday, March 22, 2010


爱很快乐 词/曲:陈孟奇

有些寂寞 有些孤单

就听你说 就跟你走

我很快乐 因为你把爱点燃



A Time to Share n Serve..

Today, I got back to Singapore..
I smiled..
Thank God, for everything You have done for us.. Because of You, many got saved.. That they know who the true n living God is. That they maybe saved as You live..
I love You. I do..

Looking at the youths.. It truely touched me. We not know each other.. but because of You, we are made brothers n sisters in Christ. To learn from each other and understand what is the meaning of life..
An instrument each we r .. to serve You. To shine ONLY for U..

42 Got saved..
Everytime, I know the even if there was only 1 who was saved, the heavens rejoice..

U... its all about U...

Let there be more n more of You and less of us..

New Generation Harvest Church

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sometimes, doing nothing is good. Do you get tired easily? Or restless? When u are not working, would u pick up a pen to write a diary, call a friend or just feel like going out, or lying in bed..

Busy.. What is that..
I guess, when we are in it. We tend to go on and on without thinking how far we can go or reach. What is our goal. Our aim. Living our dream or others...

What is our purpose in life..

Is it to make an impact or to be impacted. (is that a word)
Anyways, I am happy for what has happened these few weeks. Felt like months but it was great. Thank God, dad's leg was swollen, and now, its better.
Pastor Rony is good too cos God is with him. Like I've said, we are all human beings, and maybe to him, he not know much about things like 'gays'... what ever it is, there is no need to be so worked up over small things. Believe what u want to believe in.. Trust in the right source.. Cos afterall, its a free world. Why try to change the world when u cant even change urself.

What is the hardest word to you.. Some say ' I LOVE YOU '.. some say, 'sorry'.. Well, to me, its more of saying and meanting it..
I find it hard to see sincerity, I find it even harder now a days cos everyone is getting smarter, wiser (not sure the right side or ) .. and if it was all just a show or not.

Do you feel so?

Or am I growing faster even many havent seen it yet.

Anyways. deceptions... thats bad!

Conclusion.. Be yourself.. Believe in yourself.. Love yourself.. Make yourself a temple for God.. so that no words can come to you..

Jesus loves everyone.. not just the holy...