Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little Joy

Dearest all!

Happy 100 days!

It's really a great great blessing to know you guys. I am really touched by you guys' warm welcome and inclusion especially to a new member like me :D

Thank you for hearing me out and cheering me up at times when I am down, you guys are my source of encouragement.

Things changed quite a lot for me ever since I joined QYQL: Looking forward to Fridays, humming to the tunes written by talented friends I know of (haha got boost your ego or not), taking the courage to join Fightclub, etc etc etc.

If my life has been as plain as water, thank you for adding sweet flavours to it; if it has been as dull as a piece of plain paper, thank you for adding dazzling colours to it.

Cheers to our friendship!! :D

Love you all lots,
Little Joy

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