Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jacob's Birthday Party

It was FUN!
Yesterday, I finally managed to finish writing his 2 songs.. Indeed, the lyrics to me really meant alot cos if I was him, I would be thinking.. So what does Hagen really know about me..
Jacob is indeed a very quiet and reserved person. Then again, you can really feel that he is a very down to earth and sincere person. He needs time to warm up with someone and you kinda need to make the first move.. The good thing is, he is game for almost anything which makes him very fun to be with.. When he dont smile, he looks like he is in deep thoughts but when he smiles, he is like a cute little big boy..
Anyways, happy birthday to you my new friend:)
See the pics above?.... Kat is like ah mei high high into the sky... Mr T is happy, very very happy until no eyes le.. and Christy is still so stunning... Posing again............ (check her out in the latest magazines). Melvin, nice chap... Very gamed and funny.. cute! Huda, she is really into the girl's school look and so natural cos her bubbly personality is really lovable... Nicole gave me a very high class feeling, just like Cai Chun Jia. lol
As for me, I am just happy that I made new friends including Joyce and Kat's new date(hehe). Meeting long time friend Andy and Dom was great too:)
Happy Birthday Jacob.. PS his cake is so cute! Auuuuu Troooo Mann..... (not power ranger hor!)
and he had all the balloons on his ceiling... So nice!

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