Saturday, October 4, 2008

With Intergrity you will go far....

Happy Birthday 1003 .... Ken was really high indeed. Wen Hong sang a slow song which was really nice. Kemin was great(always) and I loved the way Li Mei sings.

Anyways, it's someone's birthday today. Someone quite close to me. Happy Birthday to you.

I went to meet my other friend after Power House. It was at club street. Was fun cos it has been so long since I last went to a pub. Anyways, I met 2 new nice friends and an old friend. Obviously the most kind too.

I spoke to a friend. Someone whom I have known for awhile. He kinda know somethings about me and obviously not everything.
I was shocked when somethings felt very personal and touchy.

Will you encourage someone because you truly want to help them, or is putting someone down easier?

I hope and pray that all the people I know, whom are close to me, will all be nice people and talk positive.

I thank God for Terence, for believing in me. I thank God for my family and friends.

Being nasty can only last on this earth, and being true and sincere can bring wishes u never thought come true.

I am blessed because my dear friend said, with intergrity you will go far. Thank you.

Lord, show me Your way..

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Anonymous said...

(nods nods nods)
hope i don't sound like a freaky fan here.
im just in total agreement. Esp., with recent upheavals in etc.etc. all over.

with the I-, we will pull through.
and indeed, beyond.


p/s: starts with I hurhur.