Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's 8.41 am! Can u believe it? For Hagen Tan to be waking up at this hour.... lol... Anyways.. It's fun... A brand new life.. A new way of telling the journey of my life.
Remember guys... you are the best.. For people who stayed close to me, thank you guys.. You are my true friends.
Learning to accept and grow together is the best way to improve and look forward. Let us all learn not to judge but to receive as we walk our lives. Lord my God. Help me know you are near. That I must learn how to wait upon you. Lord, I want to be the light. The Light and not the dark. I pray for peace and I pray for trust. I pray that You will always be my shepherd... okok.. Me go tong gao now.. Jia yo..... to me, to everyone.. stay happy lo! :)


avril said...

奇迹啊! You waking up so early! LOL
No wonder you were no where online yst. Well good luck and 加油 for your 通告!

Pei Lin said...

yup yup... 早起的鸟儿有虫吃,早起的孟奇希望也有早餐吃。。哈哈

really see a different you this time in taiwan... but i think it's a change for the better... good on you! :)

good luck for your 通告!加油!我们等你回来哦!