Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Street Smart?!

Am I really street smart? What is street smart?

Today, my dear friend said, "you are too smart... gei Kiang." OOOK.... that's like not good. It makes me feel so stupid. Sometimes, I really feel I am too simple and that is why I do things without over thinking. When I start to think, it is when something goes dreadfully wrong. Lord, help me learn to really be street smart...

What's a verbal contract? Can you take me seriously?.. Indeed, trust is so impt.. Trust is something I seek for and very crucial in every relationship.. Maybe a contract is not impt... I don't know, is it? So who is the judge? God?
Nevertheless, I still thank you for giving me a chance and thank you for believing in me... I wish to learn.

I take people seriously, I think seriously. So anal sometimes my nick name might just be ANAL.. Yuck. It's terrible I know. So traditional.

Anyways, I did some things today. Did a song called those days were gone. Very very seldom I would write an english song as my singing (english) diction sounds very weird. Then again, my dear friend thought I sounded better in it. Hur hur hur.. (not funny)

I went indoor tanning and before that, gym.. Now, my body is so hot.. no. dont get me wrong.. hot as in like sun burn... yup..

Then I went to meet Jacob and T for dinner. I ate chicken chop and fish bee hoon.. It was nice.. Do you know that the food at Tiong Baruh Market is very nice... Go try..

PS, Lord, my flight cannot be changed. and it is going to cost more than 1k .. Haven't even book hotel yet.. DIE... help me..

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meiyin cheryl said...

gosh i was just abt to splash the A-N-A-* over my msn display name earlier today. stress to the other extreme of bad teamwork has nvr been worst these days.. rrah w me.


it's just really how frustrating some people can make u feel when u r being hopeful, serious, and kaBoOM! an expression from them, be it spoken or unspoken, can just tear your day.

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