Friday, October 24, 2008


So cool. You guys..

Yesterday night was kinda like an earthquake. Volcano erupt. Spare the details. Anyways I am grateful that I have great friends and family. This picture really is one of a kind. The thing is, if I was not told, I would not have known u were creating the alphabets of my name.. Lol Jia yo.. hur hur hur.............

Afterall, its the thought that counts..

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Pei Lin said...

Seems that your earthquake was rather disruptive. Our relief team here in Singapore is always ready to give you our support and courage to ride the challenge.

You wrote 《圆圈 》 for the Sichuan quake victims. I hope you will be able to get over your earthquake very soon too. ;p

希望在眉间,幸福在指间,无限。。。让下一个明天更美。。 :)

Take care! We miss you!