Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Dream

Is anyone like me? I wake up every morning and I need some time to adjust to the reality. It's like I go on a ride in my dreams thinking that everything is real in it. I wake up and the make belief is gone..

Do you remember your dreams everyday? So is it a good thing to remember dreams? I personally wish more not to though. I can recall so much in all my dreams. While it is great to be thinking, to analyze once in a while, it gets too complicated after that while.

So how can we clear the mind and thoughts so that it will not over exert? I use good thoughts and the help of the Lord. To be doing that, I get rest, peace..

Do you day dream? I do it almost all the time. It's like my job. I wake up and I will need time to get into action.. haha that's me... I think maybe I am like the computer. It takes time to start up..

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