Sunday, October 19, 2008

Healing and support...

Lord my God, help me........ Help me give and help me learn to let go. Help me be strong for I cannot live alone. Lord, I know I need to learn. So much to learn. Please help me.. Help me learn to forgive and forget. Help me learn that I need to calm down and pray.

Lord, my time in Taiwan this time is a different one. You know what I am going through. Let me not feel alone. I need you. I really do ..............

I thank him for being so nice to me. I thank him for knowing my needs. For believing in me. I thank you guys, for supporting me. I need the real touch. Lord, let me be set free. Please.

Help me understand the reason things happen. Help me understand that I am worthy of your love. Help me understand that I will not be hurt again. There is too much to handle and I really cannot do this unless ...........

Jesus is my strength..

Lord, guide me..

Positivity will be my aim.

Good night guys.. you are the best.

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