Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A helping Hand..

So they say, you will become happier as you help more and more people. River Life, a brillant church with probably about 200 people in it, a little church compared to the many big churches in Singapore. Though small, I see unity, just, love, joy, and harmony in it. I see people treating others like family. People who are less fortunate would be hold strong as they are being lifted up by others who can commit to the embracement of God.
I too, wanted to bless them. As we bless others, we will be blessed. Looking at these children of God, so on for Jesus, I was trying my best to help them with their English and the making of a brillant Christian Song they did recently. So how do we go about knowing when to help and when not?

U know, as we have child-like faith, people come closer, they feel untrapped, no boundaries, no expectations, no stress. We do as we think, we learn as we see, we act as me move. Nothing too complicated, so hard to understand. Thinking and wondering why and how, and what, and and and and................. arent you tired?

I want to learn to give, not just give........... but to give willingly and expect nothing in return. To know that God is my strength and He will lead the right and true friends to me. So love is conditional or unconditional?
Think about it.....

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