Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taiwan Politics...

You must come to Taiwan once in ur lifetime. There are more than 100 TV stations, of which, more than 5 stations are 24 hours news. Can you believe it? 24 hours ok!

Yesterday evening, while I was editing my blog, the shock came when the tv seemed like it was louder. But not, it was actually the dramatics between China and Taiwan. Some men, (50 plus) climbed on top of a china man's car and started jumping on it. The roof was totally damaged. Another old lady took a big stick and started hitting at the windows.

This morning, between the 2 political women, one of them gave the other a slap on her face. She started to use her words........你再打。。你再打。。 你再打。。。

What do you see?
What do you feel?

So then, some thing came into my head as I was watching them, I thought why all these.... Can we? Should we blame them? Well, sometimes when we think we are alone, we do not have anyone to help us. This is what will happen. I pray that they will find true love. That God will touch them. Then, Taiwan's politics will be revived..

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