Monday, October 6, 2008

Suck It

Suck it... Suck my blood.. Go ahead..

Yes... I had a dream.. a dream that was like a nightmare, but I'm not sure if it was? Cos my love ones are in it too.. It was like many people whom I care for turned into Vampires... Some obviously still were quite normal... But when I got closer to them. They turned, changed, like those u watched in movies. But this time, no one needed to suck anyone else's blood. (maybe my dream knows that I am afraid of seeing blood) Anyways, it was like God telling me who r really real to me and who aren't. Are you thinking if you were in that dream and if you did turn into a monster?

Well, I woke up.. from that dream, and it was noon. Read one of those sms-es which said, "sorry, we have to re-schedule... ..." For what? Let me be the only one to know. Then, another sms, "Hi Hagen, call me when you are free.." It's from HK. 张靓颖, Jane Zhang has confirmed the song 'Go On' demo sang by Hui Ling. Thank you Sister.

Point is not this... he said, "The recent songs u did, they were great..." (there is always a BUT) so I was waiting... yeah... "But..... the people in Taiwan claimed that they missed by a bit." That I sounded a little too much in the song and the singers cannot sing like me. Arranging have to have more punch... Later, I thanked him for helping and he said, "bro, you need to tell me if you are unhappy.." I thought that it was a sincere comment. Sometimes I felt he was afraid that would hurt my feelings but I know he wanted to help me sell more songs... Thank God..

Afterall.. all that has been said.. I am grateful..

We choose everyday.. we make choices.. It is how we look at it.. Nothing is really that bad or that good.... Its a choice how we want to believe... Remember? Positive vibes bears positive fruits.. :)

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