Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank you

Yes, another thank you entry.... Today, I did a new song. A song that is fast and it is supposed to be what the 'market' wants.. yup yup.. Anyways, today I went to gym. As usual.. its quiet, but I made a new friend.. Well not really new, my neighbour. Yup yup...His name is Matthew.
Then, I went to EastCoast for Seafood with my friend. It was Children's Day and there were soooooooooo many people. So packed. So busy..
I remembered when I was little, it was so fun to go anywhere and everywhere. It seemed like everything and every building was larger. Taller, Bigger...
Then, I met my other friends at Tampines Mall. Bunny Home was so cool. So real, so funny, so nice.. I love the show.
Along the way, I was texting a friend. I was a little affected by the things we talked about. It seemed like people do things with their own set of rules and reasons. I particularly don't really understand especially when their circumstances were so much more fortunate than mine and it seemed I'm like a clown. Fool? Played? Anyways, it's ok. I know. Thats all it matters... Conditional or unconditional? Sincere or just plainly playing a fool. God knows.
I came back and I saw a note. And a brownie................................................ Thank you sis....

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