Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If I ain't got you/Beautiful

Have you heard any songs which u can really relate to or feel touched? Well, I do. Today was very enjoyable for me indeed. I went out dinner with T, J and K at a japanese rest in Holland V. Someone brought me there once and then on, it has become my role to bring more people there as the food and ambience there is superb. We had pitan tofu, something which I must truly say, taste so delicious and unique.
I remembered the very first time I went, my norm at a Jap restaurant is to order Salmon Sashimi, but that time, I not only ordered 1, BUT 5 plates. It's a MUST try!

Anyways, then after, we were supposed to go play bowling. Our dear friend was too tired to bowl... got drunk over coke ZERO... snore.. So, we went KTV instead. First time, I heard K's voice. So nice.. really! And even more surprised to hear J's. I like the tone... (practice makes perfect..)

Then, K started singing 'If I aint got you'. As the lyrics were sang, little by little, each and every word went right into my heart. Tears were only a way to express but I felt more. It was talking about life, people, about what we want. Really, some people want it all, but I dont want nothing at all...Who will write something like that unless they have much experiences in life?

Life is such that we tend to focus on all the small and wrong things. The problems and stress. Should we learn to be larger than life? How do we do that? I used to think that setting goals and aiming for it is the key.. Indeed, the key to success. But is that what we really want? Is that it?

Lord, let it flow......
My friend once told me........... losing somethings may lead you to gain somethings even better.... I believe....
I know.. and I thank you for being there to lead and guide me. To help me. To see the silly me... Indeed. I am like a big boy. A big, little boy...

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