Saturday, March 28, 2009


So what would you call having a good testimony. To wait for something bad to happen so what God can change it to good? To show that you do what you well in front of others and then everything else messy after? What is it?

Sometimes, we humans tend to live blindly. To only see things in a certain perspective without much thoughts. I myself have done that before and got me into some trouble. Thank God He is good.

Living right is the best way to proof a great testimony. God does not need to work hard on people who are well, but those who arnt. So which are u. Well or unwell? I rather choose to do everything well... (or should I say, TRY my very best) Just like the doctors say, prevention is better than cure. Living well for God and oneself is the best way to show how much we love ourselves and others. To give life and light.. not grief and hurts.

Have you heard.. forgive and forget? Maybe someone hurt you with hurtful words recently, maybe someone misunderstood you and made u felt left out.. Forgive them .. People who r hurt, hurt others...

Quote, smile and receive.. Reject and leave to Jesus..

Love you guys..

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