Friday, March 6, 2009

Feel your touch.

Someone once told me, Life is about discovering, about learning, about exploring, about seeing what suits us and what not. Some say, it's about finding ourselves out.
What do you say?:)

Do we get into a relationship just for the sake of it? Do we love because we are lonely? Do we find someone special because we are totally ready? Can you accept his/her every rights n wrongs, his good n bad. So what is it? To be in it or to fall out? To realise that in the end, that person is not what we are looking for? Or is everything too quick?

So is it all about preparing yourself? Or sometimes, it is about the 'right time'. And if it was the right time, would that be the right person?

And when u get into one. Will you be faithful forever?
I never thought I would think this way till much happened around me. So if someone strayed, is that a bad thing? Should he/she be crucified like Jesus on the cross? Seriousness is a feeling we set for ourselves. To know and understand how far we can go and how much more we can endure.

Who is the most loved Angel by God? The creative one.. And in this century, creativity is so important. It is taking over our lives. Everyday we see new things. We see new people. We see new looks on old people. We see things that are so disillusional. So how much can we take? How much can we learn from.. How much would u choose to take in and leave out? Tell me, would you be able to take everything after 3 months hiding maybe in the corner of ur house?

The world has changed so much that we cannot contain sometimes. To be deceived and then realised it was actually the real fact. To believe but shocked cos it was all purely a Game! So what can we do? What shall we do? Do you have a hiding place? Can you tell urself clearly what you really want in life? Is he THE ONE? Do you know what you are really doing? Or r u just following what everyone else does?

I want a life that I can be responsible for. A life I can be proud of. 10 years down the road, I will not look back and regret. Or worse, can't even remember a single thing I have done..

Is your life a meaningful one? Or it is just another....... God made everyone special. You are special.. Do something you are good at.. And one day, when you are great at it, smile and tell yourself, u made the right choice. . .
Will we make the same mistakes again n again?

PS, can u remember what was the reason you got into ur relationship? Find that fire

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