Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Long time ago, we believe in trusting.. We believe what others say. We trust that our friends could help us get through tough times. We believe that they will never betray us.

Last time, we believed that doctors will give us the best help we need. To make us get better. We believe our business partners, we believed our lawyers, the people around us, the many others...

So when do you realise everything in this world has no right nor wrong.. No gurantee?

As we grow older, we realise many things. Sometimes, it is so hard to contain if you were to look closely. To be there to see things happening but have no power or energy to make things better. When this happens. Who do you turn to.. What would you have done?

And maybe, some will never experience this ever in his life.. But that does not mean it does not exist.. Then again, human.. being selfish, only realise things when it happens to themselves.. isnt that always true?

So is just looking at the bright side the best way? What is next?

Jesus heals, Jesus guides, Jesus protects... Jesus... He never fails to give you what you need

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