Saturday, March 7, 2009

Huang Guo Loon

If you are not too sure who this man beside me is, he is the composer of Faye Wong's 我愿意。。 Such a wonderful song. such talent.. where did he got it from. Obviously not from himself alone as he shared. He came to Singapore once and was sharing his testimony. For so long, he tried so hard to sell his songs, but no one seem to be interested. Then one day, he prayed, so hard.. Lord... let me write a song for you..

I remembered when 我愿意 first came out, I really felt so fresh. So special it sounded..

Today, I am glad that I have met him personally, and share much of my testimony with him. Telling the world how Jolin's 马德里不思意 came about. If it was not because of Jesus.. this happy song will not come to past..

I love You Jesus

Lets pray for wisdom, pray that God may use our talent in many ways.. for His Glory indeed..

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