Monday, March 9, 2009

Counting Blessings.

I just woke up, I saw an envelope at the door.......

Remembered the first day I came to Taiwan on this trip. I woke up so early I dread coming. I reached the airport and I called Jian Fu Ge. Ever so nice, waited for me to come home. How many times do we have a 2nd chance in life to know people? To do it again? To count our blessings.

1 after another, be it a Church concert, TV show, Radio station.. I told Jesus, may many be blessed but first, I need to be touched by You. I asked myself. If ever I have done wrong, forgive me as it is not my purpose to stumble others but to Lift n Shine for You.

I just woke up, I saw an envelope at the door.......

The first card, it said,

"Dearest Hagen, When I counted my blessing and that's when I knew one of my favorite blessing is you.........."

"you did good in Taiwan, keep shining for Jesus. You are always the best."

The 2nd card, it said,

"Dear Brother Hagen, Everytime you come to Taiwan, U bring me so many challenges....."

"you are always my BEST brother."

I went to places people could not go. I experienced much hope in lives with God that many cannot see. I trusted and I was lifted up. I was made whole because of You. Many got saved for my testimony showed Your power and strength. Jesus..

Will you ever see His eyes? Will you really understand His love? Stay close to Jesus.. Stay close to your family and friends.... I love you guys....
I am thankful

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