Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Liang Wen Ying

Before going there. I was so excited to meet her because she is a christian and her next album might have songs written by me.

Heard that she went to the bookstore to look for my album and she managed to get my album even anything else happened.

Then, the show went on.. I was still there.. So wanted to go home.. cos I felt so old.. (even though there were some older people around.. hehe)

Then its time to go up to give her her birthday gifts.. I was queing like a silly person.. Felt so silly and stupid.. Never have I done that before.. OMG! And then, even before I said much, she knew who I was. As she was sick (so was I) they were only allowed to give the presents but not photo taking. She was so sweet to ask for a pic with me..

I gave her a CareBear. (Pink) one. My favorite bears when I was younger.

Just before I left. The greatest gift was her five words. 上帝祝福你。。。 AMEN

PS. support the child of God..

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