Monday, March 16, 2009

Listen to your heart.

So they say, one should listen to your heart? But what does your heart tells u ? Is it always right? What is right and what is wrong? Have you ever made a choice so firmly that you thought u will never be disappointed or fail? Have you been seeking for someone or something till you feel so tired and then fall back onto something else?

Life is short.. have you heard of it? People say it again n again, but we dont realise even if it was, it is not only to live it well, but to live it to the fullest. Is just looking good it? Is eating the best food it? Is going everywhere to see God's creation it? Is helping others and not having much for oneself it? What is it?

So they say again, we are very similar but different too. Humans.. what can be used to described? Should we be so complicated or should there just be simplicity? Oh well, people change? Or people are just the way they were all along? How do you bring out something in someone? How do you create a character if you were not like that of the norm?

Its all about believeing isnt it? To believe in something or someone.. can u fully understand it? Can you trust what u believe will not fail you? What can you do to make sure.... In life... nothing is 100%... But should we choose to accept or change? Or to learn to be even better?

Think.. Maybe you get it. maybe you dont... I am still learning

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