Sunday, January 18, 2009

U're too Hot for ur own good...

My friend said this to me today. It was so funny. Should I be happy or upset? Oh well, it's not. We need to learn how to protect ourselves. To know who is for and against us. For when they missed the chance, there is no turning back.

Who can be real true friends and who just come and go? What will you do one day when money is left out there but nothing was being built? What will you do when time is running out and only wrinkles are left for u to botox? What are you left with when Truth has never been what you give? So, you can deceive the world but you cannot clear your conscience. Is it a good testimony? Can we learn to be better? Or the comfort zone is what we want to dwell in. Let not us be of the world. Not the pest but the fertilizer. Well, my mum always say, indeed, money is impt, but talent is something no one can steal from u. Let me be ur laughing stock. I am ok. Mock me if you like, I am only here for awhile as Jesus knows what I am going through.

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