Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Every morning, when I wake up, at the dining table will always be food covered with the 'chinese net' so that it is clean and ready. Angeline will have some and then me.

This morning, I woke up and it was the same. Difference is, there was my favorite fish. Wani was just chatting, making a conversation saying, 'mum said, the fish so cute... also dunno where was cute'. Then it made me think.

As I was eating, I thought, how many people in this world would think that for their mum to be cooking fr them is a Must and how many really appreciates. When we are so busy, so caught up in our own stuff to do. So stressed over work or school.. Have we ever thought that a simplest thank you would be so sufficient from a child to his/her mother.

Do you realise that a human nature is always putting ourselves first then others? Are we still doing that even though we know deep inside that it is wrong.
And what right do we have to be taking when we don't give. Or even when we give, we expect.

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