Sunday, January 18, 2009


A movie I felt so much for.. A mother to a child. For she has lost her child. And then, 'they' found him. But it was not him. Whoever so evil to be putting another different boy into her home. Making her look like she was crazy. Ill-treated her and make her sign a contract to say she was wrong. Thank God, the people from church came to her rescue.

So what is real and who is telling a lie? When u are clear, does it mean others cannot hurt you? And they make u look like u are a fool.

I must say, only my Lord can be the greatest strength. Let God be God. I love you Jesus.. U can set many free and you are the Truth. Whoever who hurt others will be hurt. They will soon realise that doing what they do will not get them anywhere. Dont play with fire unless you know what death really is.

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