Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today, I spoke to a friend. Someone whom I probably have not spoken much or in depth for a long time.

Today I realise that when we do 10 things. 9 might be great, but they had to magnify the 1 imperfect one.

Today I realise. that when u do something, helped someone, teach, share. It should just be unconditional. Nevermind them being grateful or not.. Cos when u expect, u get disappointed cos many dont see others but themselves.

Today I spoke to another friend. Very smart. Very clever. She protects herself. She guards herself. But is that happyness?

Today I found out something about myself. I am learning everyday.

Thank you Jesus.. You are kind..

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Anonymous said...

You rely too much on God. He's highly able, but He's not omnipotent.